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May 23, 2019
Governor Kate Brown to Sign Oregon Environmental Protection Act into Law
Legislation will protect Oregon's air and water from federal backsliding
Governor's Office
May 17, 2019
Oregon Climate Legislation Makes Significant Step Forward
Oregon would be second state in the country to adopt cap and invest legislation upon adoption of HB2020
Governor's Office
May 13, 2019
Governor Kate Brown to Address Outdoor Recreation Summit
Governor Brown to focus on equitable access to the outdoors
Governor's Office
May 10, 2019
The State of Oregon and the City of Portland Propose a New Partnership for a Safer, Cleaner Willamette River
Joint fund with U.S. EPA endorsement will jump-start Portland Harbor cleanup efforts
Governor's Office
May 06, 2019
Governor Brown Announces Multnomah County Circuit Court Vacancy
Judge McKnight to retire from Multnomah County Bench
Governor's Office
April 29, 2019
Governor Brown, Attorney General Rosenblum to Hold Press Conference Today on Reproductive Health Ruling
Injunction granted today will ensure women can continue to access critical services
Governor's Office
April 25, 2019
Governor Brown Appoints Members of Child Welfare Oversight Board
Board established through executive order last week
Governor's Office
April 22, 2019
Governor Kate Brown Celebrates Oregon's Climate Protection Leadership on Earth Day
Oregon youth presented Governor petition of support
Governor's Office
April 22, 2019
Governor Kate Brown Announces Agreement to Improve Snake River Water Quality and Fish Habitat
Oregon joins Idaho in an agreement on the operation of the Hells Canyon Complex
Governor's Office
April 12, 2019
Governor Kate Brown Unveils Plan to Stabilize PERS Rates for Education System
Proposed framework protects employee retirement before the next economic downturn
Governor's Office
April 11, 2019
Governor Brown Calls on Legislature to Fund Seamless System of Education
Governor lays out need for measurable investments for students, from pre-school to college
Governor's Office
April 10, 2019
Governor Brown: House Bill 2270 Will Improve Health and Save Lives
Bill increases tobacco tax, creates tax on e-cigaret
Governor's Office
April 02, 2019
Governor Kate Brown Calls for Stronger Commonsense Firearms Legislation
Testimony supports HB 2013 and SB 978
Governor's Office
March 31, 2019
Governor Kate Brown to Kick Off 2020 Census
Governor's Office