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Permanent License

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What is a Permanent Initial License for?

The Permanent Initial License (First Time License) is a medical imaging license issued by the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging for Technologists that are fully credentialed and applying to OBMI for the first time OR for a Technologist with an OBMI license that has been expired for more than 2 years.

In Oregon, a person must hold a License issued by OBMI in order to perform radiological procedures.

How do I calculate my License Fee for my Permanent Initial License?

License fees in Oregon are calculated based on a Birth Month renewal which will most likely cause your first fee amount to be different than a full 2-years License Fee. The ONLINE system will calculate this for you.

Do I need to get a background check including FingerPrints as part of my application for a Permanent License if I have not already done so for my Temporary License?

Yes! On the Permanent Initial License application there is a section regarding fingerprinting. There is a one time fingerprint fee and instructions for having your fingerprints taken at a Fieldprint office near you. Fingerprint cards are not accepted.

Why does it seem to take a long time to get my License issued?

OBMI will not issue a License until your background check is completed and that includes waiting until the Oregon State Police completes your fingerprint background. There are no exceptions and no licenses will be issued until the Oregon State Police verify your background.

Once I get my Permanent Initial License then what?

Once you have your Permanent Initial License, you can perform medical imaging within the scope of your practice. You must renew your Permanent License every 2 years.

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When do I have to renew my Permanent License?

OBMI Licenses expire on the FIRST day of the month in which you were born. For Example: My birthday is August 25, my OBMI license expires every 2 years on August 1. You must renew your license every 2 years. You may NOT practice medical imaging without a valid license from the OBMI.

What is the best way to renew my Permanent License?

Although you may get a renewal postcard in the mail or an email, the only way is to renew online. The online renewal opens for completing your renewal 2 months prior to your expiration date. To avoid any lost time working due to not having a valid license, renew at least 1 month prior to the month in which you were born.

What if I am late to renew my Permanent License?

If you have missed the renewal window for completing your renewal online which opens 2 months prior to your expiration date, you may renew by including a late fee along with your regular renewal fees.


If you are within 2 years of an expired license you may renew online and pay the late fee. If you are outside the 2 year time-frame, you must apply as a new applicant using your established log in by applying through the APPLICANT Portal. You will need to get fingerprints done as described in the online application.

Can I practice without a valid Permanent License if I am late to renew?

NO! If you practice without a valid Permanent OBMI license, the Board may take action against your license that may include, but is not limited to: civil penalties, reporting of disciplinary action to credentialing organizations and reporting discipline the Board may take on your license to the National Practitioner's Database.

What do I do if I realize that I am late to renew my Permanent License?



Complete and submit your application for renewal as soon as possible and wait until you can verify that your license is valid. Only then should you practice medical imaging.

What do I do if I realize that I have worked on an invalid Permanent License?

STOP WORKING! Then Email or call the OBMI immediately to report your mistake.​

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