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New License Or Permit Application Status

In order to process all of our applications as timely as possible please use the link below to check about your new license or permit status.  This is the exact same information you will be given if you call into our office.    Fingerprints reports are received daily and they are our first priority.  Fingerprint reports take on average 30- days to receive back into our office.   Please apply with sufficient time to allow for a background check.

Status Definitions:

"IF YOUR NAME ISN'T LISTED" - This means your application has not been recorded or received.  All applications are processed in the order they are received. - No exceptions. 

"PENDING" - This status means your application has been received into our office.  Your application status will not change from PENDING until your fingerprint results have been received back to us in our office.  The Board "WILL NOT" complete the processing of your application or issue you a license or permit until your fingerprint results have been received and are clear.  Sorry - There Are No Exceptions!  Fingerprint reports take on average 21- calendar days to process.  Fingerprints are released for processing the day your license shows "PENDING" status.

"ACTIVE" - This status means your fingerprint results have been received and your license has now been issued.  You are now legal in Oregon to start working in Oregon. 
IT IS AGAINST OREGON STATE LAW TO TAKE ANY MEDICAL IMAGES until you have been issued a valid Oregon Medical Imaging License or Permit.  ORS 688.455

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