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Feed Safety and Pet Food

​​​​​​​​​​If you are producing dog or cat pet treats or food containing raw or cooked meat in Oregon you need a license from the ODA Food Safety Program​​.

The Feed Safety Program manages specialty pet foods and animal feeds.

Product registration required

Product registration not required

  • Oregon-made cat and dog foods or treats that do not contain meat and that make no health claims.
  • Pet food or treats made outside of Oregon not making health claims.


AAFCO Pet Food Labeling Guide

Business of pet food labeling requirements

AAFCO Talks Pet Food

AAFCO Talks Pet Food website

Feed Distributor or Manufacturer License & Feed Product Registration

Feed product registration form

Pet Food and Treat Business Information from AAFCO

Business of pet food

Pet Food: Laws and Regulations

State pet food laws and regulations

Vet Product Registration Application

Vet Product Registration Application




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