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​​You must have a license before handling hemp

  • You are a hemp handler if you are the initial processer of hemp into commodities or products including smokable hemp or are any processor working with cannabinoids derived from hemp.​​​
  • All licenses expire on December 31st of the calendar year. License fees are not pro-rated. 
  • You must have a copy of your license number before handling hemp. 
  • Send in complete and accurate applications.
  • We won't process incomplete applications or those with errors until they are completed and corrected.
  • Handling hemp before you are licensed can result in a potential fine.
  • If you intend to handle agricultural hemp seed, you also need an agricultural hemp license.​​ 

2023 expansion of hemp handler license 

Oregon’s definition of a hemp handler is now expanded to include any business that processes cannabinoids from hemp.  Before, only those businesses that received the raw plant material for further processing needed the handler license; once it was either trimmed, retail-ready flower, or an extract/concentrate, the next business working with that material did not require a handler license.  Beginning January 1, 2023, the handler license now includes anyone who:

  • receives industrial hemp for processing into industrial hemp commodities, products, or agricultural hemp seed; or,
  • receives industrial hemp commodities or products for processing into hemp items.

If you are working with the raw plant material or are processing or manufacturing anything with cannabinoid material derived from hemp, you are now subject to the handler license requirement.  This does not include retailers.  All requirements for handlers are the same – license for each location, recordkeeping requirements, and retention of records for three (3) years, as well as meeting any transportation documentation for in-process extracts/concentrates and potency requirements for final hemp items.​


Handler license application

Hemp handler license application

Seed application - hemp

Hemp seed application


Hemp requirements for naming harvest and process lots

Hemp harvest and process lot naming protocol (Exhibit C)

Post-harvest hemp testing requirements

Overview of testing requirements for hemp intended for human consumption once it has left the grower. Post-harvest hemp testing requirements handout

Update contact information form for hemp license

Use this form to change contact information on an existing hemp license. For handlers and growers. Update contact information form

What to Do if You Fail a Pesticide Test for Hemp

Failed pesticide test handout




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