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​​You need a license before dealing with hemp, and these are the key points: 

  1. If you're the first to turn hemp into products or process any product with hemp-derived cannabinoids, you're a hemp handler.​

  2. Hemp handler licenses expire on December 31st each year, and fees can't be prorated.

  3. Make sure you have your license number before working with hemp.
  4. Submit complete and error-free applications, as incomplete ones won't be processed until they're fixed.
  5. Handling hemp without a license can lead to potential fines.
  6. If you plan to work with agricultural hemp seed, you'll also need an agricultural hemp license.

2023 hemp handler license expansion​ 

Oregon's hemp handler definition expanded in 2023. Now, if you work with hemp in any way, whether you process the raw plant material into products or process hemp-derived cannabinoids, you need a handler license starting from January 1, 2023. This rule applies to those who receive industrial hemp for processing into various hemp items or process industrial hemp commodities or products into hemp items.

Retailers are exempt from this requirement. Regardless of your role as a handler, you must follow the same rules, such as getting a license for each location, keeping records for three years, and meeting documentation and potency requirements.

In short, if you process hemp, you'll likely need a handler license, except if you're a retailer.


Handler license application

Hemp handler license application

Seed application - hemp

Hemp seed application


Hemp requirements for naming harvest and process lots

Hemp harvest and process lot naming protocol (Exhibit C)

Post-harvest hemp testing requirements

Overview of testing requirements for hemp intended for human consumption once it has left the grower. Post-harvest hemp testing requirements handout

Update contact information form for hemp license

Use this form to change contact information on an existing hemp license. For handlers and growers. Update contact information form

What to Do if You Fail a Pesticide Test for Hemp

Failed pesticide test handout




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