Survey and Treatment Projects

​​​​Oregon participates in a federal program to monitor, and suppress when necessary, grasshoppers and Mormon crickets. Even though not all grasshopper species are pests, outbreaks can vary in their magnitude and geographic expanse. Early intervention can dampen the severity of an outbreak cycle.​

Grasshopper and Mormo​n Cricket​ Survey

To assist in predicting where potential grasshopper outbreaks may occur, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) conduct annual surveys of grasshopper populations in Oregon.​​ Findings are reported each week through the summer. To view previous reports or if you have questions please contact Paul Blom​.

Final grasshopper and Mormon cricket program report

Final 2021 report

Oregon ​​Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Environmental Assessment (EA)

Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket EA




Todd Adams
Entomologist/Eastern Oregon Field Office Survey Coordinator; Grasshopper Program
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