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Survey and Treatment Projects

​​​​​Japanese beetle eradication project

The Oregon Department of Agriculture will begin the sixth year of treatment against Japanese beetle in April of 2022.

Areas with lawns and ornamen​tal planting beds within the treatment boundary are scheduled to receive up to two treatments for Japanese beetle control in April, May, June, or July 2022. Treatment consists of one treatment of a granular larvicide applied to all grass lawns and/or ornamental planting beds in areas where beetles were detected in 2021. In areas with high beetle densities a second supplementary foliar application is scheduled.​ 

For more information: visit the Japanese Beetle Project website.​ 

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation to keep this invasive pest out of Oregon.  

Yard debris quarantine​

NOTICE! The yard debris drop-off site at Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply (BBIT) will open on June 1, 2022. Please continue to use curbside bins or yard debris disposal sites as normal. ​More information about the yard debris quarantine for 2022​ will be posted here or to the Japanese Beetle Quarantine webpage​.

Japanese beetle resources​

2020 Japanese Beetle Eradication Response Plan

2020 Response Plan for Japanese Beetle Eradication

2021 Japanese Beetle Alerta de Cuarantena por plaga de Insectos (en Español)

Información sobre la cuarentena de desechos del jardín del Condado de Washington en español (2021)

2021 Japanese Beetle Treatment and Quarantine Map

Japanese beetle treatment and quarantine map

Acelepryn G® Frequently Asked Questions

Acelepryn G® pesticide product information from Oregon Health Authority. Acelepryn G® FAQs

Granular Insecticide for JB

Acelepryn® G insecticide label

Help Save Oregon from Japanese Beetle

Information about Japanese beetle, its current status in Washington County, the proposed treatment, and additional resources.

Japanese Beetle Economic Risk Assessment

Japanese Beetle Economic Risk Assessment

Japanese Beetle Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle in Oregon Environmental Assessment (2016)

JB Environmental Assessment

Japanese Beetle Look-Alikes Guide

A visual guide to Japanese beetle look-alikes

Japanese Beetle: A Major Pest of Plants

Brochure about Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle: Threat and Opportunity in Oregon

Japanese Beetle Threat and Opportunity pdf document



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