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Insect Pest Prevention and Management

The Insect Pest Prevention and Management (IPPM) Program works to:

  • Protect Oregon’s agriculture, horticulture, environment, and quality of life from damaging insect pests.
  • Enhance or maintain the value of our agricultural and horticultural products.


The first line of defense uses state and federal quarantines to exclude exoti​c pests from Oregon and sta​te control area orders to slow their spread within Oregon.

Survey a​nd​ detection

Survey and detection programs help detect invasive pests early in order to protect our natural resources and markets. Surveys for our agricultural and horticultural crops often meet the entry requirements of national and international customers to decide if a pest is present or absent.

Eradicati​​on and control

If an exotic pest population is detected in Oregon the department may implement eradication and control programs.


IPPM staff provides identification services, pest risk assessments, and inspections for several state and federal permit programs.


Sharing information with the public and industry groups has become increasingly important. Our survey data are documented in IPPM databases and maps and in the National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS) database.​


Pest Tracker: Exotic Pest Reporting

Pest Tracker publishes the latest exotic pest survey maps, news, and information, including for Oregon. Pest Tracker: Exotic Pest Reporting



Insect Pest Prevention & Management
Phone: 503-986-4636