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​​​​About Oregon spiders

  • Oregon has at least 500 species of spiders.
  • Black widow spiders may be the only potentially harmful spider in Oregon.  
  • Spider bites are not common.
  • Spiders help people by eating the insects that eat our food, invade our homes, and are vectors for disease. ​
  • The most common spiders submitted for identification at the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) are the hobo spider (Eratigena agrestis) and giant house spider (Eratigena atrica). 
  • Review the information below before submitting a request to identify a spider​.


Common Household Insects and Spiders of Oregon

Guide to common Oregon insects and spiders

How To Identify Brown Widow Spiders

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How to reduce contact with spiders in your home

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Myths, misconceptions, and superstitions about spiders

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Oregon Spiders: Facts and Fiction

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Oregon Spiders: Hobo, Giant House, Black Widow, and Yellow Sac Spiders

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Spider Bites

General information about spider bites Wikipedia page on spider bites

University of California IPM Online - How to manage pests: Hobo spider

Hobo spider identification, medical aspects, management Hobo spider guideline



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