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Oregon Air National Guard Job Opportunities

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Oregon Air National Guard 

Job Opportunities

Application Instructions are included in each announcement.

AGR & DSG Announcements - Listed below, click hyperlinked name for application instructions.

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Health Systems SpecialistE-7 - E-86/11/2023142 MDGPortland, ORAGRNationwide
PararescueE-4 - E-66/11/2023125 STSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Combat ControlE-6 - E-76/11/2023125 STSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Administrative Executive AssistantE-7 - E-86/11/2023142 WGPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Aircraft Armament SystemsE-3 - E-56/11/2023142 AMXSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Inspection Work LeadE-6 - E-76/11/2023142 MXSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Commander Support STaffE-4 - E-66/21/2023142 MXGPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Installation Personnel ReadinessE-3 - E-66/23/2023173 FSFKlamath Falls, ORAGRNationwide
Command Support StaffE-3 - E-56/23/2023173 MXGKlamath Falls, ORAGRNationwide
Mission Defense Team NCOICE-6 - E-76/26/2023142 CFPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Operations Group CommanderO-5 - O-66/26/2023142 OGPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Production SuperintendentE-7 - E-86/28/2023173 AMXSKlamath Falls, ORAGRStatewide
Human Resources SuperintendentE-7 - E-87/1/2023173 FSFKlamath Falls, ORAGRNationwide
Aircraft ElectricianE-3 - E-67/5/2023173 MXSKlamath Falls, ORAGRNationwide
Tactical Aircraft MaintenanceE-3 - E-57/5/2023142 AMXSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Command Post ChiefPromotable E-8 - E-97/15/2023142 WGPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Aircraft Armament SystemsE-5 - E-67/15/2023142 AMXSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Combat ControlE-4 - E-67/20/2023125 STSPortland, ORAGRNationwide
Instructor PilotO-3 - O-59/30/2023114 FSKlamath Falls, ORAGRNationwide
Bioenvironmental EngineerO-1 - O-59/30/2023142 MDGPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Pararescue CraftsmanE-5 - E-69/30/2023125 STSPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Combat Control CraftsmanE-5 - E-69/30/2023125 STSPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Aerospace Medical ServiceE-1 - E-59/30/2023142 MDGPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Residency Trained SurgeonO-59/30/2023142 MDGPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Logistics ReadinessE-3 - E-69/30/2023125 STSPortland, ORDSGNationwide
First SergeantE-89/30/2023142 WGPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Public Affaris officerO-49/30/2023142 WGPortland, ORDSGNationwide
EOD Officer (Commissioning Opportunity)O-1 - O-49/30/2023142 CESPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Mission Generation Vehicular MaintenanceE-3 - E-69/30/2023125 STSPortland, ORDSGNationwide
Equal Opportunity SpecialistE-5 - E-69/30/2023142 WGPortland, ORDSGNationwide
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