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About Us

The Environmental Program provides environmental management services for Oregon Army National Guard facilities.


To Ensure all Oregon Army National Guard and Oregon Military Department activities and operations comply with applicable federal, state, and local environmental law and regulations, and DOD, DA, and NGB policy, regulations and implementing guidance.


  • Instill Environmental Stewardship in Soldiers & Employees of the ORARNG/OMD
  • Comply with All Applicable Regulatory Requirements
  • Minimize Environmental Impacts of Military Training and Agency Operations
  • Minimize the Impact of Environmental Compliance and Management on Unit Training and Mission Accomplishment
  • Provide Guidance to Commanders, Facility Managers, Supervisors, and Individuals in Meeting Environmental Requirements
  • Protect Personnel from Personal Liability
Primary Functions

  • Agency Advisor on All Environmental Matters
  • Agency Proponent of Environmental Stewardship
  • Agency Interface with Regulatory Agencies
  • Agency Monitor for Regulatory Requirements and Compliance
  • Develop and Maintain Effective and Efficient Agency Regulations and Guidance to Incorporate Strategies and Implementation Requirements for Compliance, Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Restoration, and Program Management
  • Plan, Develop, and Execute Environmental Program Requirements, Including Budgeting and Project Identification, Coordination, and Implementation
  • Execute technical Environmental Requirements
Environmental Branch 
Contact Us

Oregon Military Department 
Installations Division 
Environtmental Branch 
Attn: AGI-E - Rm 155 
PO Box 14350 
Salem, Oregon  97309-504

Hours of Operation:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM 

James Arnold
Phone: 503-584-3914 
Fax: 503-584-3584 

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