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Planning and Programming

About Us

The Planning and Programming Branch provides land use and site planning services and is responsible for planning for future sites, real estate acquisitions and disposals, and land use planning issues.


To ensure the Oregon Military Department missions and operations are supported with a substantiated framework that will secure a long-range and sustainable land base. 


  • Coordinate with various agencies to develop and integrate OMD real property interests in long-range development plans
  • Secure appropriate land use designations for all ORNG facilities/sites to allow their functions to be consistent with local and state land use provisions
  • Communicate within agency and to the public planning requirements and ensure that they are met to promote best practices in meeting development needs and minimize avoidable detrimental impacts, costs and liability
  • Minimize encroachment issues that constrain OMD/ORNG operations
  • Provide  best available information to meet OMD planning needs
  • Keep public informed about OMD real property goals, needs and plans to promote maintenance and enhancement of a sustainable land base to support missions
Primary Functions

  • Agency Advisor on Real Property Interests and Planning Matters
  • Agency proponent of planning coordination, efforts and processes
  • Interface with agencies having purview over land use
  • Agency monitor for compliance with real property acquisition and disposal requirements
  • Agency monitor for compliance with land use planning provisions
  • Develop and maintain effective agency guidance to incorporate strategies and implementation processes for consistency and smooth interaction and interoperability with state land use provisions
  • Plan, develop and execute real property and planning requirements, including budgeting, project identification and definition, coordination and implementation
  • Execute technical real property and planning requirements


Planning Branch Contact Us

Oregon Military Department 
Installations Division 
Planning & Programming Branch 
Attn: AGI-MP - Rm 155 
PO Box 14350 
Salem, Oregon  97309-5047

Hours of Operation:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM 

Kris Mitchell
Phone: 503-584-3914 
Fax: 503-584-3584 

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