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Lead Testing

Test Results for Lead Levels in Oregon Military Department Armories with Former Indoor Firing Ranges (IFR)

The safety and health of our soldiers and citizens is our highest priority. In keeping with that priority, we closed and sealed all indoor firing ranges on April 1, 2014, which are a source of lead contamination. Since that time, we have worked diligently to make sure that our armories are clean and meet the regulatory safety standards for our citizens, service members and families, which has included closure of some armories until they could be properly cleaned and retested. We appreciate your  patience with
armory closures while we continue to address this issue. Rest assured that the Oregon National Guard continues to train so that we are always prepared to serve our fellow citizens in times of need. 

Lead is a common element found throughout the environment in many different sources. It poses a significant health risk if too much enters the body. The risk is especially high for pregnant women and young children. Since cumulative microscopic levels of lead can be a risk, the Oregon National Guard is conducting laboratory tests in our armories in order to have a working picture of lead levels and effectiveness of cleaning. 

The Oregon Military Department is posting the most up-to-date information about lead-related test results for our armories which had an indoor firing range to remain transparent with the communities who use their local armories for meetings and events. The results of our efforts are available for the following locations.  

Click on the Armory to access it's data. 

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