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Mentor Portal

Welcome to the Oregon Heritage MentorCorps portal for mentors. Thank you for your service to help assist heritage organization across the state improve the way they preserve Oregon heritage collections.

Below are resources to help you assist organizations, documents related to OPRD's volunteer process, and reporting instructions.

If you have a great resource that would benefit other mentors, please feel free to send it to to include below.

Types of Assistance

Mentors can provide the following assistance:

  • Project prioritization
  • Project planning
  • Trainings such as collections care basics, topics related to board roles and responsibilities, disaster preparedeness, volunteer management, and more
  • Grant application advice and review
  • Recommendation of resources and references
  • And more!


  • July 1 - Aug. 25: Application open for organizations requesting assistance
  • Aug. 25-Aug. 30: Organizations matched with a mentor
  • Sept. 1-Sept. 15: Agreements issued and signed
  • Sept. 1-June 30: Mentors assist organizations

For a little more information on the process see the below resources:


Reporting Process

Accurately reporting hours is critical for maintaining and growing the MentorCorps program within Oregon Heritage. Think of how important it is for volunteers to report their hours at your organizations. That is why it is important for us. These hours are used to report to the Oregon Heritage Commission, OPRD, Oregon Cultural Trust, and other stakeholders so we can have continued support of the program.

  • Please keep track of your hours. You can use the following template for tracking:
  • Please report on any of the following types of activities:
    • Any preparation that goes into a meeting with an assigned organization
    • Time spent with an organization
    • Communication with an assigned organization
    • Participation in "Ask a Mentor" sessions
    • Participation in the annual training and any other workshops offered to mentors during the year
    • Time spent on any virtual meetings regarding MentorCorps
    • Any time spent on writing a blog for the Oregon Heritage Exchange, writing a Heritage Bulletin, or creating any other kind of technical assistance for MentorCorps.
  • The MentorCorps Coordinator will send reminders to report quarterly on your hours. Please fill out THIS FORM based on the following schedule:
    • October 15 (for work done between July-Sept.)
    • January 15 (for work done between Oct.-Dec.)
    • April 15 (for work done between Jan.-March)
    • July 15 (for work done between April-June)

​The modules below were created to be a "workshop in a box." Each module contains the following:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Script
  • Worksheets and/or exercises
  • Resources
Mentors can use these modules to train volunteers and staff at an organization. Mentors can adapt the modules to their personal style, flow of information, and personlize it to the organization. However, please refrain from making large scale information changes as those would have to be approved in advance by Oregon Heritage staff. Please feel free to contact staff if you feel like information is outdated or not up to present day best practice standards.


Additional resources coming soon!