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​Amin Wahab, Public Member, was reappointed by Governor Kate Brown to the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering & Land Surveying (OSBEELS) as a Public Board member in May. Previously, Amin served on the Board from 2007-2013 and was reappointed in 2014 following a one-year assignment as the Water Technical Lead with the United States Agency for Internal Development in Kabul, Afghanistan. He will be serving on the Board until June 2022.

Amin is currently the Westside Watersheds Program Manager for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services. During his time on the Board, Amin has served as the Chair of the External Relations Committee and also participated on the Oregon-Specific Exams Task Force, Customer Service and Communications Task Force, and the Rules and Regulations Committee. 

Amin is very pleased to have the opportunity to continue to serve on the Board and represent the public population. “My professional experience in the public sector at all three levels (state, federal and local) has given me a tremendous appreciation for and perspective on, the role oversight bodies, such as OSBEELS, can play to maintain and safeguard public trust and resources,” he said.

​This past spring marked the end of three Board member’s terms. Oscar Zuniga, Dave Van Dyke, and Bill Boyd all concluded their work on the Board and its Committees. Each former member provided exceptional service and professional knowledge to their work as Board members.

Oscar Zuniga, PE, ME, EE, was appointed to the Board in July of 2014 and has spent his time after serving as the chair of the Finance Committee, the Oregon Specific Examination Task Force and the Examinations and Qualifications Committee. He also served on the Professional Practices and External Relations Committees.

“When I joined the Board I was unaware of how many different issues, situations, rule interpretations, investigations, and evolutions are involved in regulating engineering, land surveying, photogrammetry, and water rights.” Oscar explained, “It has been a tremendous experience to serve on the Board and learn more about these areas.”

Professionally, Oscar was recently elected to serve as the President of Marquees & Associates, Inc., in Medford, OR. His background includes designing and consulting on mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering. 

Oscar said he is most proud of his time spent working with the Finance Committee to help keep OSBEELS financially transparent and keep registrants informed of how the Board is financially operating. “It seems that each year brings new challenges and mandates that affect how the Board operates and allows us to reexamine the way OSBEELS delivers services to registrants and applicants,” he stated. 

Looking ahead, Oscar plans to remain active in his professional work and looks forward to the opportunities that lay ahead with his firm expanding their services. He has also informed the Board of his interest in serving as an Expert Reviewer in the future.

Dave Van Dyke, PE, ME, was appointed to the Board in July of 2014. During his time with the Board, Dave served as the chair of the Customer Service and Communications Task Force and the Rules and Regulations Committee. He also participated as a member of the Law Enforcement Committee, Examinations and Qualifications Committee, and the Finance Committee. 

“Serving on the Board these past four years has been an eye-opening experience,” Dave explained. “I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve with so many hardworking and dedicated individuals.”

He will continue his professional work as Partner at VGO Engineering, a firm that specializes in testing, inspection, and failure analysis. 

“I am thankful to the Governor for appointing me to serve my State in this small way, to help safeguard the life, health, and property of the citizens of the state of Oregon,” he stated.

In his personal life, Dave is looking forward to continuing to spend time with his wife, Serin, and two children. 

Bill Boyd was appointed to the Board in July of 2013 and spent his time serving as the chair of the Law Enforcement Committee. He also served on the Rules and Regulations Committee and the Digital Signature Task Force.

During his time on the Board, Bill enjoyed working on the Law Enforcement Committee and helping to craft the language for new or revised rules with the Rules and Regulation Committee. “I got great satisfaction from serving on the LEC and helping to resolve issues with licensees,” Bill said.

Bill is a retired professional engineer and lawyer. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with his wife. 

The Board and OSBEELS staff would like to thank Oscar, Dave, and Bill for their dedication to safeguarding the welfare of the public and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

​OSBEELS is seeking to fill vacant Board member positions. The Board seeks two professional engineers, a professional land surveyor, and a member from the public for four positions. The Board is seeking to fill the open positions immediately.

As a Board member, you will help the Board achieve its mission to regulate the practices of engineering, land surveying, photogrammetric mapping, and water right examination as they relate to the Oregon public in safeguarding life, health, and property. You will work with OSBEELS staff to accomplish this mission by setting standards of qualification for licensure, ensure licensed practitioners in Oregon maintain competency, regularly reviewed relevant laws and rules, and carefully investigate any complaints or information relating to the potential violation of any Board laws and rules by a registrant or business. Your willingness to devote time and energy to the work of the Board is very much valued.

Per Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 672.240, each PE, PLS or RPP Board member must be a resident of Oregon for at least three years immediately preceding appointment and have been practicing as a registered professional for at least five years since the date of the individual’s initial registration. The Board operates as a semi-independent state agency subject to ORS 182.456 - 182.472. Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each odd-numbered month and Committee meetings are held the second Thursday and Friday of each even-numbered month.

Interested? For more information on the application process or the role of State Board members, visit and follow the instructions provided​. Contact the Board office with any questions.

​2989 – Brad Hupy

The Board entered into a Settlement Agreement with Brad Hupy for violating the Board’s rules of professional conduct; continuing to perform engineering services while his registration was delinquent. The Board had proposed to assess Mr. Hupy a civil penalty of $123,200 for 121 violations of Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 672.020(1), ORS 672.045(1) and (4), Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 820-010-0520 and OAR 820-020-0005(6). Additionally, through investigation the Board found Mr. Hupy had violated OAR 820-020-0025(1), OAR 820-020-0050(1), and OAR 820-010-0720(3).

Through an informal conference, the Board and Mr. Hupy agreed to settle on the following terms;

He will be assessed a $30,800 civil penalty with the remaining balance suspended for 5 years if Mr. Hupy meets all the conditions of his agreement. If Mr. Hupy should fail to meet any of the conditions; the remaining balance of $92,400 will become due immediately, and he will be subject to additional discipline.

  • ​Mr. Hupy’s remaining registration renewal and delinquent fees, in the amount of $690, must be paid in full.
  • Mr. Hupy must complete 30 PDHs in engineering ethics by June 30, 2018 through the Texas Tech University Murdough Center for Engineering professionalism.
  • Mr. Hupy must complete his remaining 90 delinquent PDHs by June 30, 2019.
  • Mr. Hupy must remove all professional titles from all identifying business resources and provide evidence of having done so.
  • Mr. Hupy must not identify as a PE/GE until successfully renewing his Oregon registration as a PE.
  • Mr. Hupy shall commit no new violations from April 30, 2018 through April 12, 2023.

3066 – Edgardo Quiroz

The Board entered into a Settlement Agreement with Edgardo Quiroz for failing to comply with PDH requirements and failure to cooperate with the Board. The Board had proposed to assess Mr. Quiroz a $500 civil penalty for violation of OAR 820-010-0635(1)(e) and OAR 820-020-0015(8), and the refusal to renew his license for non-compliance with OAR 820-015-0026. Through an informal conference the Board and Mr. Quiroz agreed to settle on the following terms; Mr. Quiroz would pay a $500 civil penalty for OAR 820-020-0015(8) and OAR 820-010-0635(1)(e). As part of the settlement agreement, Mr. Quiroz must also complete 12 PDHs and the Board would perform an audit of Mr. Quiroz’ submitted PDHs for the period between January 2015 and December 2016.

2930 – Herbert Farber

The Board entered into a Settlement Agreement with Herbert Farber for negligent and gross negligent conduct in his work as a PLS and violations of multiple statutes. The Board had proposed to assess Mr. Farber a $5,000 civil penalty and a 90-day license suspension for two violations of ORS 209.250(1),45-day filing violation; one violation of ORS 209.250(2), insufficient narrative; one violation of ORS 672.200(2), negligent narrative; two violations of OAR 820-025-0015, seal violation; one violation of ORS 209.250(3)(g), missing seal; one violation of OAR 820-025-0015(2), seal not signed or marked “preliminary”; one violation of ORS 672.200(2), gross negligence; and one violation of ORS 209.250(3)(e), failure to include bearings and distances.

Through an informal conference, the Board and Mr. Farber agreed to settle on the following terms; Mr. Farber would pay a $1,000 civil penalty for gross negligence and he would permanently retire his professional license without reinstatement by August 31, 2018.

​You may be asked to provide a professional reference for an individual seeking registration. As part of the Board’s application process, prospective applicants are required to provide five (5) professional references, with at least three (3) of those references holding an active professional license/registration in a jurisdiction with NCEES membership. Professional references are an important part of the application packet and very helpful to the Board when determining if an applicant meets the requirements for professional registration in the state of Oregon.

Providing a reference asks you, as a professional registrant, to speak to an applicant’s professional and technical work. Being familiar with the applicant’s professional ability 

and completed work, allows references to provide OSBEELS staff with a better perspective on the candidate’s competency than they could determine on their own by just the application.

When asked by a perspective applicant to provide a professional reference, it is important to first take time to determine whether you possess an adequate level of knowledge of the applicant’s work. 

If you determine you’re suited to provide a reference, take time to prepare your response, review previously completed work by the applicant, and also consider communicating with the individual about what you’re planning to provide in your reference.

Taking time to prepare your response and review previously completed work and interactions allows you the ability to provide specific examples within your written reference. Communicating with the applicant may allow for an opportunity to provide feedback directly to them regarding their work and level of professional competency, from your professional perspective.

Some additional tips for providing a resourceful and acceptable reference:

  • ​Provide a honest summary of the applicants work and your interactions with them
  • Take time to provide details about the level of technical work completed
  • Converse with the applicant prior to completing their reference to ensure you’re accurately recalling their work completed
  • Per Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 820 Division 10, submit the completed Reference Details form directly to the applicant, in a closed and sealed envelope, signed across the sealed flap by you (the reference)

See the following OARs for additional information about providing professional references: OAR 820-010-1000, OAR 820-010-2000, OAR 820-010-3000, and OAR 820-010-4000.

​The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) offers registrants many useful resources and allows members to keep all their information in one convenient location. One of those resources is the Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) Registry.

Originally launched in 2016, the CPC Registry is a free service offered to any engineer or surveyor with a MyNCEES account. The CPC Registry provides engineers and surveyors a central location where they are able to track continuing education courses with supporting documentation. The Registry provides members with up-to-date tracking for each jurisdiction where they are registered.

Continuing education courses are differentiated within the Registry by four areas: technical, ethics, business practice, and laws and regulations. Members may also distinguish courses by either being completed online or in-person.

CPC Registry users are able to easily transmit their transcript electronically to state licensing boards through their account. OSBEELS now accepts CPC transcripts when submitted with a biennial renewal application. Should you be selected to participate in an audit, you will still need to submit proof of completion documents with your CPC transcripts to OSBEELS staff.

To learn more about the CPC tracking service, visit NCEES

Interested in signing up for a MyNCEES account? Visit to sign up!​

Spring 2018 Oregon Examiner Newsletter

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