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Labor Management Committee Topic Suggestions

The LMC wants to consider topics that are appropriate for the Committee as outlined in the LMC's Guidelines available on the agency's Intranet using this form.  Forms can be submitted via any LMC member or through the designated LMC drop box located in the Copy Room.  Forms submitted at least one week prior to a meeting will be reviewed at the next LMC meeting.  Dates for meetings can be found on the current meeting minutes posted on the Intranet or by contacting any LMC member.  The LMC will review the request and to determine whether or not the subject matter is appropriate work for the LMC (using the LMC Guidelines and Article 106 as references), or if it needs to be referred to another agency resource (example: safety committee or a specific program manager).  If it is appropriate work for the LMC, work on a recommendation for consideration by management or other appropriate entities will commence.

The LMC will accept anonymous forms, however, please keep in mind that the more information you provide, with proposed solutions, the better the LMC will understand your submission.  If the LMC does not have enough information to proceed, and no contact name is provided to obtain additional information, the LMC may not be able to work on any recommendations for proposed solutions.  Such decisions will be reflected in the LMC minutes.

Situation: What is happening at the present time?
Background: What are the circumstances leading up to this situation?
Assessment: What do I think the problem is?
Recommendation: What should we do to correct the problem?