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Welcome to the Collaborative 

For the Oregon fire service, health and safety are essential to operational readiness and performance. Firefighters routinely face physically and psychologically challenging, toxic, and inherently dangerous situations. Their work is essential, as is their overall health and well-being.

The Oregon Fire Service Health and Safety Collaborative is focused on coordinating resources and supporting firefighters and local fire agencies to prioritize health and safety. This effort will improve the lives of firefighters and strengthen the collective capacity to respond to emergencies. Enhancing the health and safety of these dedicated professionals is an investment in the safety and stability of the entire community.

I'm looking for resources to help with:

Cancer Risk Reduction

Cancer Risk Reduction

We've compiled a wealth of knowledge on reducing the risk of cancer among firefighters.

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Health & Wellness

Physical Health & Fitness

The resources compiled here will help improve your physical health & fitness.

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Health & Wellness

Behavioral Health

Paying attention to the mind is important. Don't know where to start? Check out these resources.

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Health & Wellness

Incident Safety

This profession comes with risk. Learn how to lessen risk with the resources found here.

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10 people standing infront of the OSFM headquarters in SalemHow we got here

A Call to Action: In January 2023, the Behavioral Health Subcommittee, as part of the Governor's Fire Service Policy Council, came together. The group was tasked with finding ways to help first responders process and have the tools to better their mental and physical well-being.

A Collaborative Effort: The team worked hard to understand the situation, where there were gaps, and how the Oregon fire service could improve. As part of the research, the group searched for existing programs already helping firefighters and talked to firefighters and experts from all over.

Statewide Survey: Firefighters across Oregon about their experiences to learn more.

Structural Needs Assessment: The subcommittee looked at what was missing with the current help available for firefighters.

Training Plan: They made a plan to teach firefighters and others how to deal with mental health challenges.

A Vision for the Future: The Oregon Fire Service Health and Safety Collaborative was established and is here to make a difference. It's a group that cares about firefighters and wants to make their lives better. It is a place to find resources in one spot.

Together, we're working towards a future where firefighters feel supported and can do their jobs without struggling with mental and physical health issues. Join us as we make a safer and healthier tomorrow for those who keep our communities safe, because firefighters deserve our support, always.

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