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Incident Management Teams (IMT)

The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal administers three all-hazard Incident Management Teams made up of members of the structural fire service. The teams mobilize primarily to fire incidents threatening lives and structures, but have also managed a variety of other incidents.

The teams utilize the Incident Command System to provide:

  • Expertise in safety, public information, community issues, operations, planning, logistics, and communications. 
  • Structure, support, and oversight for ongoing emergency operations.
  • Enhanced effective coordination among responding agencies. 
  • Development of a plan of action to aggressively and safely mitigate the incident to which it has been assigned, either through Unified Command or a single incident command structure. 

The most likely way for a team to mobilize is at the request of the Governor through the invocation of the Conflagration Act (ORS 476.510).

OSFM is currently accepting applications for the Incident Management Teams for the following positions: 

     Incident Safety Officer
     Public Information Officers & Trainees
     Division/Group Supervisor Trainees
     Resource Unit Leader Trainees
     Communication Unit Leader Trainees
     Communication Unit Technician Trainees

The recruitment period will close at 1700 hours, January 6, 2020.  

All applicants are asked to submit an application signed by your Chief Officer, a letter of intent to include a summary of conflagration and incident management experience, and two professional references. To find the appropriate application, select the ‘Format’ button in the document library at the bottom of this page and you will see the applications listed.

The recruitment process is selective.  Applicants, their provided references, and/or others within the applicant’s agency may be contacted by OSFM staff, Incident Commanders, and/or IMT Section Chiefs during the selection process. Applicants should be expected to be interviewed. 
Team members are expected to be available to respond during their team’s on-call rotations and remain at an incident for up to 14 days.  Team members should be prepared to be logistically self-sufficient for 72 hours. 

Team members should have the full support of their sponsoring fire agencies to participate in training,  Section Working Groups, and the annual conference.  Team members should have access to an agency command vehicle for deployments. 

Please send completed applications and materials listed above to  A DPSST printout may be substituted for certificates, but not for Position Task Books. Qualifications for all positions can be found in the document linked below.​


IMT Qualification Requirements​

Guidelines (SOG) assist the Incident Management Teams in providing safe, effective, and efficient command and control during statewide mobilizations.  Within the structure of these guidelines, Incident Management Teams must exercise common sense and professional judgment to achieve safe, effective, and efficient operations. 

Current Guidelines

Search SOG in our IMT Materials for these areas of guidance: 

During fire season, the Incident Management Teams rotate schedules weekly. During off season, they assume a monthly rotation.

All IMT Materials

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