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Board Members

Adult Panel

Psychiatrist: Scott Reichlin, M.D. originally appointed 6/8/2015, current term expires 6/30/2021

Psychologist: Pamela Buchanan, originally appointed 7/1/2020, current term expires 6/30/2024

Attorney: Anne Nichol, J.D. originally appointed 7/1/2017, current term expires 6/30/2021

Parole and ProbationTrisha Elmer P.P.O. originally appointed 9/22/2016, current term expires 6/30/24

Public Member: John Swetnam, originally appointed 3/10/15, current term expires 6/30/2021

Juvenile Panel

Psychiatrist: Bennett Garner, M.D. originally appointed 3/15/2017, current term expires 6/30/2020

Psychologist: Catherine Miller, Ph.D. APBB originally appointed 1/1/2015, current term expires 6/30/2022

Attorney: Vacant

Parole and Probation: Kathryn Kuenzi, J.C.C. originally appointed 1/1/2015, current term expires  6/30/2022

Public Member: Shelly Casteel originally appointed 3/1/2014, current term expires 6/30/2021

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