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Victim Notifications

Information for Crime Victims

Under Oregon law, when a person is found guilty except for insanity (GEI) or responsible except for insanity (REI), the judge must ask the victim whether he or she wishes to be notified of the defendant's future hearings or releases and if so, the court must include victim contact information in the court order placing the defendant under PSRB jurisdiction. The Board then is required to provide notice in advance of any hearing regarding that individual.
In 2009, the Oregon Legislature expanded victims' rights to include post-conviction proceedings. This legislation made explicit victim or representative opportunity to be heard and to make a victim impact statement. Anyone wishing to make a statement should coordinate with the Oregon Department of Justice's Victim Advocate. The advocate can assist victims with logistics, travel plans, phone appearances, or written appearances. The office can also facilitate support and counseling. Please contact the advocate as early as possible before the hearing date.

Updating Victim Address and Phone Number

Oftentimes, the court order placing a client under the PSRB lacks complete victim contact information. In these cases, PSRB staff members make every effort to obtain victim contact information by consulting the victim advocate from the county in which the defendant was found GEI or REI. To ensure the PSRB and victim advocate are sending notification documents to the proper address, the Board asks that victims who requested notification from the court of future proceedings contact PSRB staff to confirm their contact information.
Additionally, at any time after the court proceeding, victims who decide they would like to be notified of future hearings or release of a client, should contact the PSRB by phone, fax, the postal service, or email, and provide the client's name, and the victim's name and current mailing address.
If you are a victim, and your mailing address changes, please notify the Board directly of your new address in order to continue to receive such notices.
The Psychiatric Security Review Board issues notifications electronically. Please call our office at 503-229-5596 to arrange for e-notices.