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Rules & Regulations

Rules, Regulations, and Laws

The Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots (OBMP) exists because of and operates according to laws made by the Oregon legislature. These laws provide the framework for OBMP’s operation and authority. OBMP’s Administrative Rules further explain or implement the laws.


View OBMP’s Oregon Administrative Rules online. To better understand what each division within the rules govern, view the detailed list below.
  • Rules of Practice and Procedure – Division 1
  • Definitions, Statutory Authority, Board Operations Fee – Division 10
  • Training & Licensing – Division 15
  • License Renewal – Division 16
  • Incidents, Complaints, Discipline – Division 19
  • Bylaws, Fatigue Mitigation, Pilot Exchanges, Emergency, Exception, Financial Reports, Periodic Tariff Review – Division 25
  • Ratemaking Procedures – Division 30
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