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WCB Orders

Use the links below to look at Workers' Compensation Board orders.

  • Orders on Review 
    • Includes board review of administrative law judge’s decisions on workers' compensation issues. 
    • The Significant and Noteworthy link, and the Van Natta Subject Index link, are tools for legal research on board decisions in particular areas and subjects. 
    • The Van Natta Archive is a compilation of older board cases going back to 1986.
  • Claim Disposition Agreement 
    • These orders are related to claim disposition agreements, in which a worker agrees to settle certain benefits of his claim, except medical benefits or preferred worker benefits on an accepted claim. To see a listing of board approval of CDAs, use the link on the left side of this page.
  • Own Motion Orders 
    • These are decisions regarding claims for benefits in which the worker's aggravation rights have expired.
  • Other orders include:
    • Crime Victim. The board provides for a review of Department of Justice decisions regarding claims for compensation as a crime victim.
    • Oregon OSHA. The board provides hearings to employers to contest citations and civil penalties arising from workplace safety inspections conducted by Oregon OSHA.
    • Third Party orders involve disputes between workers and workers’ compensation carriers arising from workers’ civil actions against allegedly liable third parties.
  • Decisions from the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court on WCB cases can be found on the link on the left side of this page.

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