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  • Worker Classification
    Are you an Employee or an Independent Contractor? Contractor... Employee... Who is who?

    You might be surprised! An awful lot depends on whether you are one or the other; unemployment insurance, withholding taxes and social security are just a few. Do yourself (or your workers) a huge favor and make sure you know the difference.

Understanding the Issues Getting Help
Why does this matter to me?
If you are not categorizing your employees as such or you are an employee being treated as an independent contractor, you could be facing expensive consequences. Click here for an overview or check our video!
Who does this information apply to?
Worker classification decisions impact nearly every industry - though some more than others. If you aren't clear where you stand, call us or check out our list of industry specific considerations.
I still have a lot of questions...
This can be a complicated issue and it is not surprising to have questions. We have compiled the most often asked questions into our FAQs.
What does the law say EXACTLY?
Good question. If you would like to understand more specifically what the legal requirements are, click here for a page linked to the Oregon Statutes and Rules.
Watch one of our webinars
If you have questions about hiring or being an independent contractor, you can learn more by watching our informational video or checking out one of these webinars provided by the IRS Northwest Area Stakeholder Liaison.
What if I make a mistake??
We all do it from time to time. If you believe you have made an error on your employment reporting we can help you get back on track. Read more.
Download a copy of our brochure "Employee or Independent Contractor?"
Or click on any one of our translations! For other languages, you can also access a Google translation (text version only) - just click the "Instructions" link below to get started.