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This website is administered by Oregon’s Interagency Compliance Network (ICN). The ICN is a group of seven state agencies dedicated to promoting voluntary compliance from Oregon businesses and workers regarding employment and tax laws. The agencies involved are the Employment Department, Department of Revenue, Workers' Compensation Division, Construction Contractors Board, Landscape Contractors Board, Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), and the Department of Justice. These agencies all share information with each other, coordinating audits and investigations, providing education through outreach and communication, and collaborating on changes to employment laws as they occur.

​In 2009 the Oregon Legislature passed ORS 670.700 and thereby created The Interagency Compliance Network (ICN). The ICN includes:

•    The Department of Justice;
•    The Department of Revenue;
•    The Employment Department;
•    The Department of Consumer and Business Services;
•    The Bureau of Labor and Industries;
•    The Construction Contractors Board;
•    The State Landscape Contractors Board;”

The agencies of the ICN coordinate efforts involving compliance with laws relating to taxation and employment. These coordinated efforts include providing education to the public, collaborating on investigations, sharing information regarding non-compliant entities and developing strategies for implementing new laws, rules, and processes as needed. Representatives from each ICN agency meet on a monthly basis to discuss any new developments. The ICN also submits a detailed report of its activities to the Governor and legislature every two years. For previous ICN reports, click here

To read the 2021-2022 ICN report, click here​​.

How We Can Help:
If you do not see what you need on this website, contact us. Each of our agency's contact information is available here, or if you are not sure who you should contact, send us a general question by clicking here.

You can also report a suspected violation of independent contractor law by clicking here.

The above information on this website is provided as a summary and teaching guide. Nothing on this website is intended as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney. We attempt to update the information on this website as soon as practicable following changes or developments in the laws and rules affecting Oregon employers, but we make no warranties or representations, express or implied, about whether the information provided is current. We urge you to check the applicable statutes and administrative rules yourself and to consult with legal counsel prior to taking action that may invoke employee rights or employer responsibilities or omitting to act when required by law to act.