Agricultural Water Quality

​​Program resources

Agricultural Water Quality Management Program Quick Guide

An overview of the Agricultural Water Quality Management Program Document

Agricultural Water Quality Program Complaint Form

Ag Water Quality Complaint Form

Cannabis & Water Quality Information

Cannabis and water quality handout

DEQ-ODA Memorandum of Agreement (2012)


OAR 603 Division 90: Agricultural Water Quality Program

Rules relating to the Agricultural Water Quality Program Law or rule

OAR 603 Division 95: Agricultural Water Quality Program

Rules relating to Agricultural Water Quality Management Areas Law or rule

Oregon Agricultural Water Quality Compliance Program Report (2016)

2016 compliance report

ORS 568 Water Quality Management

Statutes relating to Agricultural Water Quality Management Law or rule

Pesticide Management Plan for Water Quality Protection

It outlines the roles, policies and legal authorities of each government agency with the responsibilities for protecting Oregon's water resources from pesticides and the process by which these activities will be coordinated. Document

Strategic Implementation Areas (SIAs), four-page document (2018)

Details about the history of the program, strategic implementation, what's next, and what property owners can do to improve water quality. Four-page SIA handout

Strategic Implementation Areas (SIAs), two-page document (2018)

Details about strategic implementation, what's next, and what property owners can do to improve water quality. Two-page SIA handout

The Oregon Agricultural Water Quality Report (September 2012)

The Oregon Agricultural Water Quality Report Document

Total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) information from DEQ

TMDL information

Water Quality Focus Areas, four-page document (2014)

Details about history of the program, partnerships, and implementation of Focus Areas. Document

Water Quality Focus Areas, two-page document (2014)

Details about the Focus Area process and the advantages of Focus Areas. Document

Resources for landowners

Achieving Healthy Streamsides


Affordable Streamside Improvements


Animal Carcass Disposal


Canals and Ditches


Christmas Tree Farmers


Cut-off Flood Irrigation


Developing Your Oregon Vineyard


Field Borders


Grassed Waterways


Guidelines for Stream and Ditch Maintenance

Stream and ditch maintenance handout

Horse Health


Landowner Self-Assessment Tool

Self-assessment handout

Oregon's Agricultural Water Quality Management Act


PAM and Erosion Prevention


Riparian Grazing: Brogan Canyon Case Study


Sediment Basins to Control Irrigation Induced Erosion


Streamside Vegetation: Good for People, Plants and Animals


Water Maintenance Regulations: Oregon departments of Agriculture, State Lands

Streamside areas handout


More info from ODA

Pesticides and water quality


John Byers
Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4718
Ryan Beyer
Compliance Specialist
Phone: 503-986-4696
Theresa DeBardelaben
Water Quality Specialist, North & Central Oregon Region
Phone: 541-318-9088
Fax: 541-388-8283
Tom Demianew
Water Quality Specialist, Umatilla & Wallowa Region
Phone: 541-969-6282
Kevin Fenn
Water Quality Program Compliance Leader
Phone: 503-986-6486
Ellen Hammond
Monitoring and Implementation Lead
Phone: 541-617-0017
Fax: 541-389-1329
Cheryl Hummon
Riparian Specialist
Phone: 503-986-4791
Sheila Marcoe
Natural Resource Policy Specialist
Phone: 503-986-4707
Renita McNaughtan
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 503-986-4779
Jo Morgan
Water Quality Specialist, Mid-Coast & South Willamette Region
Phone: 503-986-4712
Beth Pietrzak
Water Quality Specialist, Southwest Oregon Region
Phone: 541-414-8797
Mike Powers
Water Quality Lead Policy Specialist
Phone: 503-986-4761
Heather Rickenbach
Water Quality Program Analyst
Phone: 503-986-4775
Brenda Sanchez
Water Quality Specialist, North Coast & North Willamette Region
Phone: 503-986-5141
Maria Snodgress
Water Quality Specialist, Central & Southeast Oregon Region
Phone: 541-699-2263