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Reporting At-Risk Drivers


Doctor signing medical formThis page provides information about the Oregon DMV's voluntary reporting process for at-risk drivers, i.e., individuals who have a limitation or medical condition that interferes with or diminishes their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
Under the Voluntary Reporting component of the At-Risk Driver Program, family members, friends, law enforcement agents, social service providers and others may voluntarily report an unsafe driver to DMV.
The voluntary reporting system may be utilized by medical professionals* who are not required to report. State law offers immunity from civil liability for medical professionals who report under this program.
For information about reporting aggressive or intoxicated drivers, see our Reporting a Problem Driver page.
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When to Report
A report may be made based upon observed unsafe driving behaviors or medical conditions that may impair a person’s ability to drive safely. Reports about concerns based on age alone will not be honored. Also, a report based on medical concerns must describe how the medical condition impairs the person’s ability to drive safely. DMV cannot accept a report that simply describes or lists the impairment.

How to Report
Reports may be filed using a Driver Evaluation Request, which can be downloaded or printed from this web site, or obtained from a DMV office. Voluntary reports may also be submitted to DMV on an agency's or organization's letterhead, as long as it contains the same information.
DMV will not accept anonymous reports. However, you may ask DMV to keep your name confidential. DMV may not be able to keep the request confidential if the driver requests a hearing or files a lawsuit against the DMV.
Be as thorough as possible. Provide specific information such as events, dates and places which caused you to question the individual’s ability to drive safely. Describe any medical conditions that interfere with operating a motor vehicle, as well as any unsafe driving behaviors that you have observed. If possible, recount how driving ability has declined over time or as a medical condition has progressed.
Completed forms may be faxed to (503) 945-5329, or mailed to:
DMV Driver Safety Unit
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314-4120

Note: Please do not mail a form that has already been faxed.

After Reporting
Depending on the type of information reported, DMV may immediately suspend an individual's driving privileges. However, a driver will normally be given 60 days to demonstrate their ability to drive safely by taking and passing a vision screening, knowledge, and drive test. In some cases, a driver may be asked to provide current medical information.

Related Information
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If you have questions or need more information you may contact the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (503) 945-5083, or submit an online inquiry.