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ALIR Error Information


This page provides information about Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR) Error Codes.

Error Codes
2​ 4​ E​ 018​   Person or organization indicator ​
2​ 4​ E​ 020​   Insured last name ​
2​ 4​ E​ 050​   Insured street address​
2​ 4​ E​ 055​   Insured city address​
2​ 4​ E​ 060​   Insured state code​
2​ 4​ E​ 075​   Transaction type code​
2​ 4​ E​ 085​   Insurance policy or binder number​
2​ 4​ E​ 107​   Policy type indicator​
2​ 4​ E​ 115​   Policy effective date​
2​ 4​ E​ 125​   Policy termination date​
2​ 5​ E​ 200​   Vehicle identification Number (VIN)​
2​ 5​ E​ 205​   Vehicle make​
2​ 5​ E​ 220​   Vehicle year​




  No policy was found for an 'XLC' transaction, or the term date 
  of the 'XLC' transaction is less than the effective date of the 
  existing record ​
2​ 5​ E​ 281​   VIN, and make matched a DMV vehicle but year did not​
2​ 5​ E​ 282​   VIN and year matched a DMV vehicle but make did not​
2​ 5​ E​ 283​   VIN matched a DMV vehicle, but year and make did not
2​ 5​ E​ 284​   VIN matched a DMV vehicle, but year and/or make did not​
  VIN did not match a DMV vehicle after 90 days of attempted

Error Types
Error types 281, 283 and 284 indicate a policy that matched a DMV record by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) but did not match the vehicle year and/or make.
Error type 230 indicates a policy that matched a DMV record by VIN, year and make but did not match a policy number.

Note: Rather than placing the record on the 90-day re-matching file, it will be returned immediately with the expectation that priority attention will be given, and corrections made and transmitted back to DMV as soon as possible.

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