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Instructions for Becoming a Dealer


This page provides information about becoming a vehicle dealer.
Use the links below to go directly to any section:
Select and complete the appropriate application form:
You may copy or print the forms on your computer, or you may obtain a hardcopy form by calling DMV Business Regulations at (503) 945-5052.  
You may submit your completed application, supporting materials and payment by mail or in person to our office at:
Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
Business Regulation
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314
Service counter hours are 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday (excluding statewide and holiday closures).

For more information you may contact DMV Business Regulations at (503) 945-5052.
Note: All applications take 7 - 10 working days to process. No dealer business can be transacted until the application has been approved.
In completing and submitting your application, you must provide the information and/or satisfy the conditions defined in the subsections below (additional instructions are provided within the application packet).

Required Information/Conditions
Applicant Certification, Signature & Photo ID
You must provide:
  • Your name or names (see Legal Name of Applicant section below for more information);
  • The signature of all owners, partners, LLC members or corporate officers (do not list CEOs, Chairs of the Board, General Managers, Directors, et al.), every owner listed on the application must provide a certifying signature; and 
  • Copies of all owners, partners, LLC members or corporate officers official photo ID's (driver license or state issued identification card ONLY) with your application (please attach/staple to the application).
Legal Name of Applicant
You must provide one or more legal names as follows:
  • If your business is a sole proprietorship, list your full name;
  • If your business is a partnership, list the full names of each partner or the partnership name;
  • If your business is an LLC, list the name of the limited liability company (includes "LLC") registered with Business Registry; or 
  • If your business is a corporation, list the name of the corporation (includes Inc, Corp, etc.) registered with Business Registry.
Business Name
You must provide your business name.  If using an assumed business name or trade name, list the business number registered with Business Registry.  If you do not know your Oregon registry
number(s), contact Business Registry at (503) 986-2200 or visit the state's Register, Renew or Reinstate a Business site. 
Main Business Location
You must provide the address of your main business location as follows:
  • Provide the address of your primary business location, i.e., where vehicles will be displayed and sold, and records will be stored. Selling or displaying vehicles at a different location is a violation of the law ORS 822.025[3]; and
  • Your location must be approved by city/county zoning, pursuant to ORS 822.025(6)(a)(b)(A)(B) you must get location approval on your original application. Take your dealer application to the local city or county office to obtain their approval (you may look in the phone book to find the address for your local office, listing may be under "zoning," "land use" or "permits"). Some cities and counties charge a fee for signing the application. 
Note: If you change your main business location you must submit a Application to Correct Dealer/Rebuilder Vehicle Dealer Certificate (Form 735-371) and supporting materials to DMV before you sell or display vehicles for sale at the new location. Click here for more information. 
Mailing Address
You must provide your mailing address if different from your main business location. All mail will go to this address except items which need a UPS-type delivery (like trip permit books, temporary permit books, and dealer handbooks) which will go to the main business location. 
Surety Bond
You must provide a Surety Bond as follows:
  • The standard bond form provided by DMV (in the application packet) must be completed, signed and sealed by your bonding company for the proper amount, $40,000 for standard dealership or $2,000 bond for Motorcycle, Moped, Snowmobile and/or ATVs only;
  • The bond must be signed by you;
  • The owner name(s), legal and business name and business location on the bond must match the dealer application exactly;
  • The bond must be signed by the owner on the application;
  • The bond must be signed by the bonding agent; and 
  • The bond seal must be original.
Liability Insurance Certification
The liability insurance certification form provided by DMV (in the application packet) must be completed, signed and stamped by your insurance company. DMV will also accept a form furnished by the insurance company as long as it duplicates the DMV form.
Note: DMV does not accept "ACORD" forms or binders. 
Dealer Education
Eight hours of pre-licensing education is required for original applicants. Certification must be furnished by an approved provider and submitted with your application. The education certificate must be an original (no copies). 
The approved education providers are:
Related Information
Additional information that may be relevant includes: