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Testing with a Third Party Commercial Driver License Tester


NOT A COMMERCIAL TRUCK OR BUS DRIVER? Please see information about Class C non-commercial drive tests or motorcycle drive tests.
A "Third Party CDL Tester" is an individual or organization that has been issued a Third Party Tester Certificate by DMV. A Third Party CDL Tester's Examiner(s) can conduct skills tests for a Class A, B, or C Commercial Driver License (CDL), in lieu of DMV conducting the tests. The skills tests conducted by a Third Party CDL Tester's Examiner are identical to the skills tests conducted by DMV.

Prior to scheduling a CDL test with a Third Party CDL Tester's Examiner, you will need the following:
You must provide the Third Party CDL Tester's Examiner with your driver license and CLP or CDL instruction permit (or CDL). The Examiner will not conduct your test without these documents.

A fee will be charged by the Third Party CDL Tester for their services (this fee is not established by DMV). Prior to issuance of your CDL you will be required to pay an additional CDL Third Party Test Completion fee and a CDL issuance fee to DMV. 

Tests with Third Party CDL Testers' Examiners must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. After you pass your CDL skills tests, you must wait one business day before going to a DMV office to be issued your CDL. Your test scores will be submitted to DMV by the Examiner within 24 hours and the score will be valid for up to six months.
A Third Party CDL Tester who trained you on any portion of the CDL drive tests cannot conduct your CDL drive tests. This includes a Third Party CDL Tester who conducts tests if you are both employed by that company or if the Tester is affiliated with a truck driving school.
If you suspect that a Third Party CDL Tester has committed fraud or other misconduct, or they solicit a bribe from you, please call (503) 945-8946 or send a message to the DMV Fraud Prevention Section to report the incident or attempt.
Note: The CDL Testers listed within the State Map are not certified to conduct non-commercial Class C drive tests.
State Map
Click on a region on the map or from the bulleted names below to access a list of the Third Party CDL Testers in that part of the state.
Map of Oregon with clickable regions
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