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Changing Your Address


This page provides information about notifying DMV when you need to change your address on a driver license, ID card and/or vehicle registration. 
You must notify DMV of an address change within 30 days.
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Note: There is no fee for changing your address.

Individual Address Change
When you need to update your address with DMV, you may choose from the following options:
    When submitting a change of address, you can update your permanent residence address, mailing address or both.
    Note: If you are changing your address using DMV's Online Change of Address System and the U.S. address you entered does not match with the U.S. Postal Service information or you enter an out-of-country address, you will receive an error message and you will have to use one of the other address change options listed above to inform DMV of your new address.

    Business Address Change
    Note: This section does not apply to businesses that are Oregon dealers or dismantlers.  For Oregon vehicle dealer or dismantler location or address change requirements, click here.  For other businesses, this section applies to you.
    If you move your business, or you have added or changed a business mailing address, you must notify DMV of the new address.  Submit the notification on your company letterhead and include the following:
    • Previous address;
    • New address; and
    • Signature of owner.
    Fax the notification to DMV Customer Database Unit at (503) 947-4007, or mail it to:
    Customer Database Unit
    1905 Lana Ave NE
    Salem, OR 97314
    What An Address Change Actually Updates
    When processing your change of address, DMV updates your records immediately and at your request mails you an address sticker. The change of address sticker is to be placed directly over your former residence address on the front of your driver license, instruction permit or ID card.
    DMV uses the same residence address for all vehicles registered in your name and for your driver license, permit or ID card.
    Important things to note:
    • You may request a replacement driver license, commercial driver license, instruction permit or ID card if you do not want an address sticker. To apply/qualify for a replacement driver license or ID card see Getting A Replacement Driver License or ID card.
    • If there are multiple vehicle owners and you are not sure whose residence address is being used, ask all owners to verify that their current address is on file with DMV.
    • A DMV address change does not update U.S. Postal Service information.
    • A DMV address change does not update voter registration information unless a Change of Address Notice (Form 735-6438) is submitted (refer to the Updating Your Voter Registration section below for more information).
    Replacing An Address Sticker
    If your address sticker is mutilated or has become illegible and you still reside at the same address, you can request a replacement sticker at no cost by calling DMV at (503) 945-5000 or by submitting a driver-related online inquiry, specifying what it is you need and why. 
    Note: There is no online system available for requesting a replacement address sticker, and submitting an address change to an address already on file will not trigger the production of a new address sticker.

    Updating Your Vehicle Registration Card
    After you submit your address change to DMV, write your new residence address on the vehicle registration card(s). DMV does not automatically send you a new printed vehicle registration card each time you change your residence address.  If you need an updated card, DMV will mail a new registration card to you if you: 
    Getting A Replacement Driver License or ID Card
    If you want a duplicate license or ID card that shows your new residence address, instead of an address sticker, you may visit a DMV office to get a replacement. You will need to:
    Updating Your Voter Registration
    DMV address change information is not used to update voter registration information if the Online Service or Alternate Change of Address online form are used. If you mail a Change of Address Notice (Form 735-6438) to DMV it will be used to update your voter registration information.  However, you may select the voter registration opt out option on this form to keep your address change from updating your voter registration information.
    Note: There currently is no way to update your voter registration information if you use DMV's online service or alternate change of address form.

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