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Vehicle Title, Registration & Permit Fees

​You can pay your fees by cash, credit or debit card at your local DMV office. You must use a check or money order payable to "DMV" if you mail in your transaction.

Title Fees
​Fee Type ​Fee
​Regular Title ​$77
​Heavy Title* ​$90
​Salvage Title ​$27
​Replace Salvage Title and Transfer to Regular Title ​$77
​Replace Salvage Title and Transfer to Heavy Title ​$90
​Late Title Transfer Fee (31-60 days)** ​$25
​Late Title Transfer Fee (61 days or more)** ​$50
*Motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 26,000 pounds and trailers with a loaded weight over 8,000 pounds, excludes motor homes, special use trailers, and travel trailers.
**A late title transfer fee is due if you apply for a title more than 30 days after the sale of an Oregon-titled vehicle.
Registration Fees
​Vehicle Type
​2 Years
You may also owe a plate fee
4 Years
​Brand new vehicle ONLY
You will also owe a plate fee
Multnomah County Fee​**
per year
​Passenger* ​$86 $172​ $19​
​Light Trailer ​$86 ​$172 ​$19
​Motorcycle/Moped ​$48 ​$96 ​$19
Motorcycle - Hybrid or Electric ​$43 ​N/A ​$19
​Snowmobile ​$10 ​N/A ​N/A
Low-Speed/Medium-Speed ​$86 ​N/A ​$19
*Pickups or SUVs with a registration weight over 10,000 pounds must register as a heavy motor vehicle.
Registration Fee Charts
​Vehicle Type ​Fee Chart
You may also owe a plate fee
​Multnomah County Fee*
​Camper/Travel Trailer 2 Year ​N/A
​Motor Home 2 Year​ ​N/A
​Farm Truck ​Quarterly ​​N/A
​Charitable Non-Profit Quarterly​ ​$4.75 per quarter
​Heavy Motor Vehicle or Bus Quarterly ​​$4.75 per quarter
​Fleet Vehicle Monthly $1.50 per month​
​Tow/Recovery Vehicle Annually $19 per year​
 *Multnomah County Fee Information 
Plate Fees
​Fee Type ​One-Plated Vehicle** ​Two-Plated Vehicle**
​Plate Fee* $12​ $24​
​Transfer Oregon Plate to a Different Vehicle ​$6 ​$6
​Replace Plate When Renewing ​$5 ​$5
​Replace Plate Before Renewal ​$10 ​$10
Custom Plate (personalized) ​$50 per year of registration ​$50 per year of registration
​Disabled Veteran Plate ​$15 ​$15
​Special Plate Backgrounds ​N/A ​Fee depends on plate
*Due every time you get new plates.
**Mopeds, motorcycles, trailers, campers, antique and special interest vehicles get one plate; all other vehicles get two plates
Permit Fees
​Permit Type Duration Fee
Light Motor Vehicle Trip Permit 21 Days $30
Heavy Motor Vehicle Trip Permit 10 Days ​$43
Heavy Trailer Trip Permit ​10 Days ​$10
Recreational Vehicle Trip Permit ​1-10 Days ​$30
Registered Vehicle Trip Permit 10 Days ​$7.50
Registration Weight Trip Permit 10 Days ​$5
Disabled Person Parking Permit Varies No Fee
​Sno-Park Permit - Daily 1 Day ​$4*
​Sno-Park Permit - 3 Day 3 Days ​$9*
​Sno-Park Permit - Annual ​Annual ​$25*
​Snowmobile Trip Permit (non-residents only) Up to ​60 Days ​$7
*Agents (resorts, sporting goods stores and other retail outlets) may charge an additional fee.  
Other Fees
​Fee Type Fee
Replacement Year Stickers $10
Replacement Month Stickers ​No Fee
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection (done in Oregon) ​$7