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Relocating, Traveling or Temporarily Outside Oregon


Image of a man and women sitting amidst moving boxesThis page provides information about moving to, from and within the state of Oregon, and information for Oregon residents living or traveling temporarily outside of the state.
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New to Oregon

Here at the Oregon DMV, we want to help you with your transition. The text and links below should provide you with the information you need to drive in Oregon, contact us, find a DMV office, get a driver license, ID card or instruction permit, title and register your vehicle, and/or get parking permits. 

Locating a DMV Office
Oregon DMV maintains offices in convenient locations throughout the state. To locate an office you may:

Office hours, parking restrictions and other logistics vary by location, so please be sure to visit the Web page for the specific DMV office of interest. During inclement weather call the office before heading out. Be advised that all DMV offices are closed for holidays and mandated statewide facility closures
DMV serves customers who qualify for Oregon driver and vehicle services without regard to mental or physical disability, race, gender, age, national origin, religion or other classes of protection required by law and ordinance. If you need to obtain any DMV services and you need special accommodations because of a disability, please contact DMV by calling your local DMV office phone number, by calling (503) 299-9999 in the Portland metro area, or by statewide relay 7-1-1 for deaf and hard of hearing access.

Note: All DMV offices accept cash, debit and credit cards or checks. 
Obtaining an Oregon Driver License, ID Card or Instruction Permit
In order to obtain a driver license, ID card or instruction permit you must be a resident of or domiciled in Oregon and be able to provide proof of your full legal name, legal presence in the U.S., identity, date of birth and residence address. Use the links below to access more detailed information about the required proof/documentation:

Once you have the required proof/documentation defined above, you must apply for the driver license, ID card or instruction permit in person at a DMV office. Use the links below for detailed information and instructions:

      Note: Having a valid Driver License, Instruction Permit or ID Card from another state does not exempt you from any Oregon application requirements.  

      Titling and Registering Your Vehicle in Oregon
      Within 30 days of becoming a resident of or domiciled in Oregon you must title and register your vehicle, including obtaining Oregon license plates. Oregon requires that you title a vehicle in Oregon if you want to register it here. Follow the steps below to title and register your out of state vehicle:

        Note: If you live in Multnomah County you may be subject to additional registration fees, $19 per year for passenger vehicles and a one time $10 fee for permanent heavy trailer registrations. Visit Multnomah County's Web site for more information.
        Important: Although DMV titles all motor vehicles that are eligible to receive an Oregon title, registration and license plates for commercial vehicles are issued primarily by the Oregon Motor Carrier Transportation Division, not DMV. Click here for more information.
        Parking Permits
        Special parking privileges are available for individuals with disabilities. Those who are certified by an authorized health care specialist as having a permanent or temporary disability are eligible for a Disabled Person Parking Permit
        In Oregon, you must have a valid Sno-Park Permit displayed in the windshield of your vehicle if you park in designated winter recreation areas (Sno-Parks) between November 15 and April 30.
        Moving Within Oregon
        Individuals moving within the state are required to notify DMV of their change of address within 30 days.  Also, when you relocate, remember that you may be moving into or out of an area where vehicle emissions testing is required. If you are moving into Multnomah County, you will likely have to pay a county vehicle registration fee in addition to DMV fees. 
        Other information that may be useful to people moving within the state includes:
        Moving Back to Oregon
        Most of the information in the New to Oregon section may be applied to individuals returning to the state.  In addition, the following information may be of use:
        Traveling/Living Temporarily Outside of Oregon
        Individuals living or traveling temporarily out of the state generally need to know how to change their mailing address, and if and how they may renew or replace a driver license, ID card, permit, vehicle registration, license plate or sticker from their current location. Links to this information and other useful topics are provided below:
        Leaving Oregon
        Each state has different rules and regulations related to driver licensing and vehicle titling and registration. You can usually review these requirements by visiting your destination state's DMV Web site:
        However, the following information can generally be applied to anyone leaving the state:
        Driver Licensing and ID Cards
        • Contact your new state's driver licensing authority to find out how to obtain a new license or ID card. When you apply for a new license in another state, you will be asked to surrender your Oregon Driver License. The licensing authority will advise DMV that your Oregon License has been surrendered to that state.
        • If you have a disabled person parking permit placard, you must return it to the Oregon DMV in person at a DMV office or by mail, either before or immediately after you move (if returning by mail, please include a brief explanation as to why you are returning the permit).
        • You are still responsible for any outstanding suspension and/or license revocations you may have on your record. If you have questions about your DMV record, you can request a copy of your record.
        • Oregon law requires that you notify Oregon DMV of a Change of Address within 30 days.
        • Notify your insurance company of your move and provide them with your new address. If you wish to cancel your present insurance, do not do so until you obtain coverage from another insurance company.
        • If your vehicle is leased, notify your leasing company.
        • Vehicle inspection requirements vary from state to state, so be sure to contact the inspection authorities in your new state.
        • Though it is not required, we encourage you to return your Oregon license plates to the Oregon DMV by mail once you have re-registered your vehicle in another state, because this will prevent fraudulent use of your license plates and allow us to recycle them.
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Related Information
        Additional information that may be relevant to individuals who are moving includes: