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Tips for Getting Faster DMV Service


This page provides information on getting faster service at the DMV.  Use the links below to go directly to any section:
Using DMV Services
There are several ways to conduct services with DMV:
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem , OR 97314-1010
  • You can change your address online.
  • You can download forms, manuals and other publications from the Internet or pick them up at any DMV office's self-service area.   
  • You can notify DMV of a vehicle sale online.
  • You can submit comments/suggestions and pose questions online via the Ask/Tell DMV link in the left side menu of our Web pages (avoid using the Web Site Feedback option at the bottom of our Web pages for non-technical issues as this will cause delays because the message will be routed to Web support resources not our customer support staff). 
  • You may contact DMV in many ways/modes.
Visiting a DMV Office
Best Times to Visit an Office (Shortest Wait Time) 
  • Before Noon
  • Middle of the week
  • Middle of the month
Busiest Times to Visit an Office (Longest Wait Time)
  • Lunch time (generally Noon – 1:00 PM)
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays (at offices that are open on these days)
  • First or last week of the month
  • Day before or after a holiday 
Office Hours
Check the office hours and available services for the location you wish to visit before you go (see specific office pages for details). During inclement weather call the target office before heading out to verify that they are open and able to provide the services you need.
Depending on your needs, you may require a full service office.
Don't Get Turned Away - Items to Bring
Calling DMV
  • For general service, be ready to give the DMV customer service representative, your:
    • driver license number;
    • license plate number; or
    • vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Have paper and pen ready to take down requirements or other information the customer service representative may give you.
  • When verifying if we have received your overnight documents or payments consult the carrier's Web site by entering your tracking number at FedExDHLUSPS, or UPS before or instead of calling. 
  • For directions to your local DMV office refer to the Driving Directions section of the Web page for the specific office that you are interested in visiting before or instead of calling.
  • When ordering a copy of your driving record please remember that DMV cannot send you a copy without first receiving payment, and you must visit a DMV office to order and pay for your records.
Related Information
Additional information that may be relevant includes: