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Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)


Evidence-based treatment and prevention practices are those that research has proved effective. DHS is adopting proven practices in addictions and mental health services. The Oregon Legislature directed DHS and four other state agencies to spend increasing shares of public dollars on evidence-based services, culminating in 75 percent by the 2009-11 budget period. Approved practices, which have undergone independent review, can be found on this Web site.

If you have questions regarding the information on this page, please contact Shawn Clark at (503) 945-9720 or Shawn.Clark@state.or.us   


Oregon-Specific Information


Joint Interim Judiciary Committee Reports



Approved Practices and Process

How to Propose an EBP






Get more information on AMH fidelity projects and links to fidelity tools. A fidelity tool is used to verify that an intervention is being implemented in a manner consistent with the treatment model, or the research that produced the practice. The tool or scale has been shown to be reliable and valid.  




EBP Web links



Special Populations


Children and Adolescents 

Native American Population 
AMH does not believe that an evidence-based practice from the AMH list should be assumed to be better than a culturally validated practice unless the assumption is supported by scientific evidence. Because scientific evidence for imposing practice on Native American providers is lacking, AMH concludes that a different framework is needed for working with Native American stakeholders and these stakeholders must take the primary role in defining what works for Native American clients.  

Position Paper on Native American Treatment Programs and Evidence-Based Practices  (PDF) 

Tribal Best Practices: There are many pathways (PDF)


Approved Tribal Programs 

Approved Tribal Practices Application Form (Word) 

Please submit applications or questions to Jason Yarmer at (503) 945-6190 or Jason.d.yarmer@state.or.us

Tribal Resources

One Sky Center
African-American Population
Practices that have been research with the African American population. (PDF)
Latino Population
Practices that have been research with the Latino population. (PDF) 

Working with the Criminal Justice Populations
This special Working with Criminal Justice Populations section has been created to inform treatment providers about appropriate curriculum, treatment practices, references and resources that improve outcomes for people involved with the criminal justice system. 

Department of Corrections and AMH Division EBP Understanding

Behavioral Health and Justice-Involved Populations (SAMHSA presentation)