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OHP Fee Schedule for Fee-for-Service Providers

Quarterly updates of the maximum allowable payment rates that apply to services directly billed to DMAP, in compliance with applicable law.

Fee schedule files

The Medical-Dental fee schedules are informational only. They reflect information available in the month posted, and do not reflect fees for all programs. Rates may change without notice. Only codes with rate changes in the month posted will show a new​ effective date.

The Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder) fee schedules list the procedure codes and payment amounts effective for services provided on or after on and after the fee schedule date. Starting July 2014, mental health and substance use disorder codes are listed in a single Behavioral Health fee schedule file.​

  • Use the first drop-down field to select fee schedule files for a specific month and year.
  • Use the second drop-down field to select the type of fee schedule: Medical-Dental, Behavioral Health, Mental Health, or Substance Use Disorder.
4/1/2015Behavioral HealthApril 2015 Behavioral Health Fee Schedule
3/1/2015Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2015 Fee Schedule - CSV
3/1/2015Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2015 Fee Schedule - PDF
3/1/2015Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2015 Fee Schedule - XLS
3/1/2015Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2015 Fee Schedule Changes
1/1/2015Behavioral HealthJanuary 2015 Behavioral Health Fee Schedule
11/1/2014Medical-DentalNovember 2014 Fee Schedule - CSV
11/1/2014Medical-DentalNovember 2014 Fee Schedule - PDF
11/1/2014Medical-DentalNovember 2014 Fee Schedule - XLS
11/1/2014Medical-DentalNovember 2014 Fee Schedule Changes
10/1/2014Behavioral HealthOctober 2014 Behavioral Health Fee Schedule
8/1/2014ReportAugust 2014 Fee Schedule Changes
8/1/2014Medical-DentalAugust 2014 Fee Schedule - CSV
8/1/2014Medical-DentalAugust 2014 Fee Schedule - PDF
8/1/2014Medical-DentalAugust 2014 Fee Schedule - Excel
7/1/2014Behavioral HealthJuly 2014 Behavioral Health Fee Schedule - Excel
6/1/2014Medical-DentalMay-June 2014 Fee Schedule Changes
6/1/2014Medical-DentalMay-June 2014 Fee Schedule - CSV
6/1/2014Medical-DentalMay-June 2014 Fee Schedule - PDF
6/1/2014Medical-DentalMay-June 2014 Fee Schedule - Excel
3/1/2014Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2014 Fee Schedule - CSV
3/1/2014Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2014 Fee Schedule - PDF
3/1/2014Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2014 fee schedule changes
3/1/2014Medical-DentalFebruary-March 2014 Fee Schedule - Excel
1/1/2014Mental HealthJanuary 2014 Mental Health Fee Schedule - Excel
1/1/2014Substance Use DisorderJanuary 2014 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule - Excel
11/1/2013Medical-DentalNov 2013 Fee Schedule - Excel
11/1/2013Medical-DentalNov 2013 Fee Schedule - CSV
11/1/2013Medical-DentalNov 2013 Fee Schedule - PDF
11/1/2013Nov 2013 Fee Schedule Changes
8/1/2013Medical-DentalAugust 2013 Fee Schedule - Excel
8/1/2013Medical-DentalAugust 2013 Fee Schedule - PDF
8/1/2013Medical-DentalAugust 2013 Fee Schedule - CSV
8/1/2013August 2013 Fee Schedule Changes
7/1/2013Substance Use DisorderJuly 2013 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule
3/1/2013March 2013 Fee Schedule Changes
3/1/2013March 2013 Fee Schedule - CSV
3/1/2013March 2013 Fee Schedule - PDF
3/1/2013March 2013 Fee Schedule - Excel
1/1/2013Mental HealthJanuary 2013 Mental Health Fee Schedule
1/1/2013Substance Use DisorderJanuary 2013 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule
11/1/2012November 2012 Fee Schedule - CSV
11/1/2012November 2012 Fee Schedule - PDF
11/1/2012November 2012 Fee Schedule - Excel
11/1/2012November 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
10/1/2012October 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
9/1/2012Medical-DentalSeptember 2012 Fee Schedule - CSV
9/1/2012Medical-DentalSeptember 2012 Fee Schedule - PDF
9/1/2012Medical-DentalSeptember 2012 Fee Schedule - Excel
9/1/2012Medical-DentalSeptember 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
8/1/2012August 2012 Fee Schedule - CSV
8/1/2012August 2012 Fee Schedule - PDF
8/1/2012August 2012 Fee Schedule - Excel
8/1/2012August 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
8/1/2012Mental HealthAugust 2012 Mental Health Fee Schedule
7/1/2012July 2012 Fee Schedule - CSV
7/1/2012July 2012 Fee Schedule - PDF
7/1/2012July 2012 Fee Schedule - Excel
7/1/2012July 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
7/1/2012Substance Use DisorderJuly 2012 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule
6/1/2012Mental HealthJune 2012 Mental Health Fee Schedule
5/1/2012May 2012 Fee Schedule - CSV
5/1/2012May 2012 Fee Schedule - PDF
5/1/2012May 2012 Fee Schedule - Excel
5/1/2012May 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
2/1/2012February 2012 Fee Schedule - CSV
2/1/2012February 2012 Fee Schedule - PDF
2/1/2012February 2012 Fee Schedule - Excel
2/1/2012February 2012 Fee Schedule Changes
1/1/2012Mental HealthJanuary 2012 Mental Health Fee Schedule
11/1/2011November 2011 Fee Schedule Changes
11/1/2011November 2011 Fee Schedule - CSV
11/1/2011November 2011 Fee Schedule - PDF
11/1/2011November 2011 Fee Schedule - Excel
8/1/2011August 2011 Fee Schedule - CSV
8/1/2011August 2011 Fee Schedule - PDF
8/1/2011August 2011 Fee Schedule - Excel
8/1/2011August 2011 Fee Schedule Changes
8/1/2011Mental HealthAugust 2011 Mental Health Fee Schedule
8/1/2011Substance Use DisorderAugust 2011 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule
5/1/2011May 2011 Fee Schedule - CSV
5/1/2011May 2011 Fee Schedule - PDF
5/1/2011May 2011 Fee Schedule - Excel
5/1/2011May 2011 Fee Schedule Changes
2/1/2011February 2011 Fee Schedule - CSV
2/1/2011February 2011 Fee Schedule - PDF
2/1/2011February 2011 Fee Schedule - Excel
2/1/2011February 2011 Fee Schedule Changes
1/1/2011Mental HealthJanuary 2011 Mental Health Fee Schedule
1/1/2011Substance Use DisorderJanuary 2011 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule
12/1/2010December 2010 Fee Schedule - CSV
12/1/2010December 2010 Fee Schedule - PDF
12/1/2010December 2010 Fee Schedule - Excel
12/1/2010December 2010 Fee Schedule Changes
8/1/2010August 2010 Fee Schedule - CSV
8/1/2010August 2010 Fee Schedule - PDF
8/1/2010August 2010 Fee Schedule - Excel
8/1/2010August 2010 Fee Schedule Changes
5/1/2010May 2010 Fee Schedule - CSV
5/1/2010May 2010 Fee Schedule - PDF
5/1/2010May 2010 Fee Schedule - Excel
5/1/2010May 2010 Fee Schedule Changes
3/1/2010March 2010 Fee Schedule - CSV
3/1/2010March 2010 Fee Schedule - PDF
3/1/2010March 2010 Fee Schedule - Excel
3/1/2010March 2010 Fee Schedule Changes
2/1/2010Substance Use DisorderFebruary 2010 Substance Use Disorder Fee Schedule
1/1/2010Mental HealthJanuary 2010 Mental Health Fee Schedule
11/1/2009November 2009 Fee Schedule - CSV
11/1/2009November 2009 Fee Schedule - PDF
11/1/2009November 2009 Fee Schedule - Excel
11/1/2009November 2009 Fee Schedule Changes
9/1/2009Medical-DentalSeptember 2009 Fee Schedule
9/1/2009Medical-DentalSeptember 2009 Fee Schedule - PDF
9/1/2009September 2009 Fee Schedule - Excel
9/1/2009Medical-DentalSeptember 2009 Fee Schedule Changes
7/1/2009Medical-DentalJuly 2009 Fee Schedule - CSV
7/1/2009Medical-DentalJuly 2009 Fee Schedule - PDF
7/1/2009Medical-DentalJuly 2009 Fee Schedule - Excel
7/1/2009Medical-DentalJuly 2009 Fee Schedule Changes
5/1/2009May 2009 Fee Schedule - CSV
5/1/2009May 2009 Fee Schedule - PDF
5/1/2009May 2009 Fee Schedule - Excel
5/1/2009May 2009 Fee Schedule Changes
3/1/2009March 2009 Fee Schedule - CSV
3/1/2009March 2009 Fee Schedule - PDF
3/1/2009March 2009 Fee Schedule - Excel
3/1/2009March 2009 Fee Schedule Changes
1/1/2009Mental HealthJanuary 2009 Mental Health Fee Schedule
7/1/2008Mental HealthJuly 2008 Mental Health Fee Schedule
1/1/2008Mental HealthJanuary 2008 Mental Health Fee Schedule
7/1/2007Mental HealthJuly 2007 Mental Health Fee Schedule
1/1/2007Mental HealthJanuary 2007 Mental Health Fee Schedule

Other resources

  • For program-specific rates not listed in the OHP fee schedule and any program-specific payment policies that may apply: Refer to your provider guidelines, rules or contracts.
  • For billing, service coverage, accepted codes and DMAP payment policies: See the OHP Billing Tips, DMAP General Rules, and OHP Administrative Rules.
  • For prior authorization, procedure-specific coverage for an OHP client or benefit plan, or Prioritized List of Health Services coverage: Use the Benefits and HSC List Inquiry search on the secure Provider Web Portal.
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​​Need help?

  • For reimbursement rates for services to OHP health plan members, contact the plan.
  • For questions about the rates listed on the fee schedule, contact DMAP Provider Services at dmap.providerservices@state.or.us.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​