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The OHP Preferred Drug List (PDL) - An Overview

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Oregon Medicaid Preferred Drug List - May 1, 2017
Oregon Medicaid Preferred Drug List - April 1, 2017
Oregon Medicaid Preferred Drug List - January 1, 2017
Oregon Medicaid Preferred Drug List - October 1, 2016
Oregon Medicaid Preferred Drug List - July 1, 2016
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Questions and answers about the Preferred Drug List

What is the Preferred Drug List (PDL)?
During the 2001 Oregon Legislative session, Senate Bill 819 created the Practitioner-Managed Prescription Drug Plan (PMPDP). The PMPDP requires the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) to maintain a list of the most cost-effective drugs to prescribe for fee-for-service members. This list is called the Preferred Drug List (PDL).
  • New prescriptions for non-preferred physical health drugs (not listed on the physical health PDL) require prior authorization (PA) Non-preferred mental health drugs do not require PA.
  • All non-preferred prescriptions are subject to OHP Plus (BMM, BMH, BMD) copayments when applicable.
Who created the PDL?

Local doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and consumers recommended drugs from selected classes for the PDL.

The Health Resources Commission (HRC) worked with the Oregon Health and Science University's Center for Evidence-Based Policy to gather clinical data, as well as information from pharmaceutical manufacturers and public testimony. They evaluated all information according to established evidence methods and in a public forum.

The HRC submitted recommendations to the division for pricing and the division made cost-effective selections, creating the PDL. ​

Why do we have a PDL?

The PDL identifies the most effective and safe drugs for the majority of patients, based on the information available. Oregon researchers and experts have carefully considered the comparative safety and effectiveness of the drugs recommended for inclusion on this list. Of the drugs recommended, only those representing the best value to the OHP are included. ​

How do I use the PDL?

The PDL is a tool to identify the most cost-effective drugs for open-card OHP patients. OHA asks that when practitioners start a new drug, to consider the drugs on the PDL first. ​

Where can I find the Preferred Drug List (PDL)?

You can view the current PDL (PDF) or use the Searchable PDL. The Searchable PDL is an interactive database that includes preferred/non-preferred status, copayment information and prior authorization criteria, if applicable, for all active rebateable drugs.​

How do drugs get added to the PDL?

The list is updated periodically. Drug manufacturers who want to propose drugs for PDL consideration can register on the Sovereign States Drug Consortium (SSDC) website to submit offers (see OAR 410-121-0030).​

When is the next Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee meeting? How can I get notified of future meetings?