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9-1-1 Staff
Mark Tennyson, Section Director
The Technology and Response Section Director is responsible for the day to day supervision of all functions of the agency's statewide role in emergency communications, management of the State's Emergency Operations Center capability, management of the Oregon Emergency Response Section, implementation and operation of Enhanced 9-1-1 emergency telephone system throughout the state, and the Search and Rescue coordination of ground, air and marine throughout the State. This includes development of program goals and monitoring the progress made to reach these goals. The Section Director develops budget and program priorities and administers the same throughout the section. Advises the Director and Department on issues critical to the state including wireless services, telephone priority service, radio warning systems, and new telecommunication competition issues. Responsible for the enforcement of Oregon Revised Statutes and preparation and enforcement of Oregon Administrative Rule regarding all section programs and their operations. Responsible for negotiating statewide contracts and pricing agreements.   
Gillien Duvall, 9-1-1 Technical Operations Coordinator
The 9-1-1 Technical Operations Coordinator provides direction for the 9-1-1 Program, including facilitating a collaborative process for developing the Program mission and goals under the direct supervision of the Section Director.  This position is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the 9-1-1 program staff and fostering a productive and customer service oriented work environment.    This position is the statewide technical expert on the integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into the existing PSAP environment,  Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) build and maintenance, and the research and recommendation of emerging technologies for 9-1-1. This position is responsible for lead duties as assigned by the Section Director and is the primary contact for the Section in his/her absence.   
Michael Gurley, 9-1-1 GIS Coordinator
This position is the Statewide GIS Coordinator for the E9-1-1 Program.  The 9-1-1 GIS Analyst coordinates spatial data development, maintenance and acquisition. This position reviews GIS data for PSAP use, trains PSAP personnel in the use of various GIS software, and coordinates the maintenance of GIS data sets throughout the state.  This person provides customer service and support in the use of GIS mapping tools to public safety agencies and organizations both familiar and unfamiliar with the technology.  They are the first point of contact at the State 9-1-1 Program for PSAP, Responder, and Local government 9-1-1 Mapping End Users questions.  They also serve as the Chair of the Oregon APCO/NENA Membership committee.
Daniel Stoelb, 9-1-1 GIS Database Analyst
The 9-1-1 GIS Database Analyst works directly with the 9-1-1 GIS staff to coordinate statewide 9-1-1 spatial data acquisition and maintain the statewide emergency response digital map library. This position coordinates the documentation of GIS information utilized in the 9-1-1 centers in Oregon, and is a primary contact for issues relating to GIS development and usage for the 9-1-1 community in Oregon.
Theresa Connell, 9-1-1 Program Analyst
The 9-1-1 Program Analyst is responsible for coordinating the continued statewide approach in the upgrade and development of Enhanced 9-1-1 systems throughout Oregon.  This position is responsible for researching and planning the integration of emerging technologies into the current PSAP environment to allow for network growth and evolution.  This position is also responsible for facilitating the development of PSAP budget reporting and 9-1-1 call reporting systems.  This position works closely with PSAP Managers and Local Exchange Carriers to ensure statewide efficiency, including coordination of costs and payment schedules for LEC services.
Gordon Tiemeyer, 9-1-1 PSAP Relations Coordinator
The 9-1-1 PSAP Relations Analyst is responsible for the coordination efforts of the PSAP Community  required to provide Enhanced 9-1-1 service in a uniform nature across the state. This responsibility includes the enforcement of required PSAP reporting documents such as annual PSAP budget reports, disaster recovery plans, changes to County E9-1-1 plans, etc.  This position is responsible for quality assurance of all 9-1-1 Program required PSAP reporting and the relay of such requirements to the PSAP personnel in direct support of the Statewide mandate for Enhanced 9-1-1 services.
Jeanie Stark, 9-1-1 Program Assistant
This position oversees and provides direct administrative and fiscal support for the Division's Technology and Response Services Section.  Acts as Administrative Assistant to the Section Director of the Technology and Response Services Section.
Abigail Hungate, 9-1-1 Office Specialist
The purpose of this position is to provide a variety of support functions for the Technology and Response Section such as typing, filing, word processing, telephone answering, computer data entry and information retrieval.  The position requires a detailed understanding of the 9-1-1 and Search and Rescue (SAR) Program areas to be able to answer routine questions and route calls to the appropriate individual or program area.