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Cascadia Island Mapping

In the event of a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami, coastal populations will become isolated into “islands” due to landslides, liquefaction, and damaged infrastructure like bridges. The Office of Emergency Management’s “Island Mapping Pilot Project” mapped coastal populations in relation to likely infrastructure damage after an earthquake and tsunami. These maps show where transportation infrastructure will be damaged (bridge failure, landslide, liquefaction) causing populations to be isolated into “islands”. Workshops were held in coastal communities during the summer of 2016. Our audience for these workshops were city/county officials, public works, and others able to advise on road damage and who lives/works/plays in the “islands”. The results of this project are available for download and through RAPTOR.

For general inquiries about the project, contact Althea Rizzo at

For the GIS data, contact Daniel Stoelb at


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