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Evaluation Guide
Conditions 1-12 are critical life safety issues. If there is fire, pull alarm and evacuate. If response to any other item is YES, STOP and go report to your SEC or top manager and evaluate at once.
1. Fire? If yes, pull the fire alarm!   
2. Smell natural gas or overturned LPG tanks?   
3. Building collapsed, partially collapsed, or moved off its foundation?   
4. Roof or floor framing separated from vertical supports or broken open?   
5. Arcing wires or equipment?   
6. Large diagonal or stepped cracking in un-reinforced masonry walls?   
7. Collapsed, out of plumb, or tilted floors or walls?   
8. Collapsed suspended ceiling, lights or ducts?   
9. Significant cracks in beams or supports?   
10. Dislodged or buckled columns, support posts, or roof trusses?   
11. Danger from falling hazards from adjacent buildings that are damaged?   
12. Facades, windows, or parapets fallen from building or dislodged?   

Continue inspection if answers to above are NO. Go through rest of the checklist. No condition below alone may be critical, but put together they are important in your evaluation decision. If your answer is NO for all, it is questionable that you need to evacuate.
13. Water leaks?   
14. Chunks of fallen plaster or paint?   
15. Other fallen debris in building?   
16. Office furnishings have fallen or tipped over?   
17. Light fixtures have come loose?   
18. Office equipment damaged?   
19. Windows or mirrors have cracked?   
20. Wall cracks more than 1/4 of an inch wide?   
21. Cracks that extend clear through wall?   
22. “X” shaped cracks in exterior wall?   
23. Sudden loss of phone or power?   
24. Sticking doors?