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Enrollment process

A student is enrolled in a course after his or her completed registration form is received and payment of fees is validated. The training program may maintain a waiting list for courses. A student must complete this enrollment process:

  • Submit course/class registration form with payment.
    • Registration is processed more quickly when form is emailed to and payment is completed online. This requires approximately one day for training coordinator to process the enrollment.
    • If paying by credit card or check, fax or mail the form to DCBS Fiscal Services. This requires up to four days for processing.
  • ​If seating is limited, the date and time that fee payment was validated will generally determine the order in which students are enrolled.
  • A student will be notified by email when he or she has been enrolled. More instructions regarding how to access course materials will be provided at that time.

Payment of fees

All fees must be paid and successfully validated (i.e., credit card transactions) before a student can be enrolled in a course. 

There are two exceptions to this policy to allow additional processing time:

  • ​Students whose fees are paid by employers or jurisdictions, such as cities and counties.
  • Students whose fees are paid through special training programs, such as Job Corps.

A student in these circumstances should contact the training coordinator at


  • Review an individual class/course description to determine if it qualifies for a refund.
  • All refund requests must be submitted in writing to
  • Qualifying refunds:
    • May be given if request is received 24 hours prior to the first day of class.
    • May be given to a student withdrawing before 50 percent of course/class is complete 
    • May include the $80 application fee which is included in the total cost of course.
    • May take up to four weeks to process.

Canceled classes

The training program reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course because of low enrollment, inclement weather, instructor illness, or other extenuating circumstances. The instructor will determine if the class needs to be rescheduled. Classes will not be held on holidays and may be rescheduled during a holiday week.


Beginning in 2017, non-mandatory courses such as residential and specialized inspector certification courses will require registered students to attend the first and last classes live at the Salem BCD class room. Mandatory classes such as Oregon Inspector Certification, Building Official Certification and Oregon code change require students to attend live. 

Certification courses: The first day will be an overview of the course, student responsibilities and introduction of staff and students. On the last class day, students will be given the final exam for the course with a four hour timeframe to complete the exam.​

Depending on the course, a student with multiple unexcused absences will be asked to either withdraw or will be unenrolled.

  • ​Regarding courses that extend longer than 10 class sessions: A student that has more than three unexcused absences will be asked to either withdraw or be unenrolled. 
  • ​Regarding a course that holds one to nine class sessions: Students should refer to individual course information regarding the number of allowed unexcused absences.

Absences will not be excused for employment-related matters. Absences for unique or extenuating circumstances will be approved on a case-by-case basis; students should notify program staff as soon as possible of a required absence. More information about this policy is shared at the beginning of each course. 

A student that withdraws or is unenrolled will be allowed to enroll in the same course at a later date.

Certification records

After a student has successfully completed a course, program staff will submit the student’s original course registration to the BCD licensing section for issuance of certification. 

  • Certification is generally issued within 24 hours and can be viewed on the state's license holder search webpage.
  • ​A copy of the student’s certification will be sent by mail and should arrive within three weeks of course completion. 

Questions? Email​

Note: These policies are updated periodically and subject to change.​

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