Air Quality

​DEQ regulates many types of burning in Oregon including commercial, construction, demolition, domestic, and industrial. Other types of burning, such as forestry and agricultural field burning, are regulated by other state agencies or local governments. DEQ coordinates and provides oversight with these other burn programs. However, smoke complaints should be directed to the agency or government which regulates burning.

Agricultural field burning



Prescribed burning and smoke management

The Oregon Department of Forestry develops and implements a statewide Oregon Smoke Management Plan to keep smoke from prescribed burning into specific areas of the state and to provide maximum opportunity for forestland burning while minimizing emissions.  Every five years the plan must be reviewed and ODF and DEQ have convened a Smoke Management Review Committee to discuss and develop recommendations of any potential changes.  The focus of the 2017 review will be on prescribed burning.  The committee will meet five times between May through September 2017 to develop recommendations. 

Burning resources for local governments

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​Burning the following materials is illegal anytime, anywhere in Oregon:
  • Asbestos
  • Asphalt
  • Auto parts (including frames)
  • Dead animals
  • Plastic and rubber products
  • Tires
  • Waste oil, petroleum materials
  • Wet garbage and food waste
  • Material creating dense smoke or noxious odors.