Food Safety

Contact the correct agency​

  • Involving a restaurant, temporary food event, or mobile food cart:
    Contact the local county health department.
  • Involving retail grocery stores, food processing establishments, bakeries, and retail meat markets: Contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Food Safety Program.
    • Your complaint information is very important for appropriate follow-up. Please be as detailed as possible about the nature of your complaint.
    • Your contact information is necessary for us to conduct a complete investigation. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not submit any contact information. You must however, provide sufficient complaint detail for us to follow up on. Failure to do so will impact our ability to respond.  

ODA's primary concerns​

  • Illness: If you think you are sick from eating at a food business and feel you need medical help, contact your doctor or local health care facility prior to calling the ODA Food Safety Program.
  • Unsanitary or unsafe food conditions: Report cleanliness issues or food storage or handling practices that could contaminate food.
  • Storage temperature of food purchased: Perishable foods should be kept hot or cold.
  • Food establishments that have not obtained a license
  • Foreign objects in food
  • Hands touching food: Food handlers are required to use gloves, utensils, or tissues when handling food that is ready to eat and doesn't require further cooking.
  • Animals in stores: Only service animals, not pets, are allowed in stores.


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