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Career Tips

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Who do you consider to be a role model or inspiration? Most likely, at least one person immediately comes to mind as you reflect on who has influence in your life. Whether it is a family member, friend, teacher, author, political leader, coworker, or even someone who you are mentoring or coaching, we all have people in our lives that encourage and inspire us to put forth our best effort.

It is easy to assume that the source of this inspiration is vastly different depending on the relationship, but there is one thing that all of these people have in common: leadership qualities. Continue reading The Leadership Lifestyle.

Your Workplace Value.png

So it’s time to start looking for your next career opportunity. Maybe it’s an internal promotion or maybe you’re switching careers entirely. Before you take the plunge and start applying for jobs it’s important to understand one simple question: what is my value? This is harder to answer than anyone is going to admit. Taking the time to identify your value means an introspective look at what you bring to your current organization, plus what you honestly believe your future potential is. The key word here is honest. Continue reading Identifying Our Value...

Challenges to a Positive Workforce Culture & How to Solve Them

In Human Resources, we strive to find the best way to improve our workplace culture. Our work culture affects our productivity as employees, how the work gets done, and how well we engage our staff. It’s easy to say that a positive workforce will create great outcomes and a poor culture will produce negative outcomes, however, as HR professionals we are not allowed to settle and are tasked to right the ship in a quick and timely manner. Change can happen quickly when there are effective leaders and plans, but there are barriers to creating a positive work culture that can make the journey difficult. Continue reading Challenges to a Positive Workforce Culture and How to Solve Them...

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