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Accountability Data Briefs

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Student and Teacher Race/Ethnicity

This brief looks at the race/ethnicity of students compared to the race/ethnicity of their teachers. It also displays information about their teachers’ level of education.

Contact: Beth Blumenstein

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Teachers and Subjects Taught

This brief displays information about the race/ethnicity of teachers in Oregon and the subjects they teach, including the level of staff education and their language of origin.

Contact: Beth Blumenstein

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Median Class Size by Student Groups

This brief includes information about the median class size for students by subject taught, broken out by grade level and student groups like race/ethnicity, economically disadvantaged, English learners, and special education.

Contact: Beth Blumenstein

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Cohort Transfers and Outcomes

This brief contains diagrams of the enrollments, transfers, and outcomes for students in the 2011-12 cohort.

Contact: Isabella Jacoby

dropout venn diagram

Dropout Indicators

This brief contains data on the impact of freshman chronic absenteeism and freshman on-track measures on a student's likelihood of dropping out in their sophomore year. Students with both risk indicators were more than 36 times as likely as students with neither indicator to drop out in their sophomore year.

Contact: Isabella Jacoby

non completers line graph

Fourth-Year Non-Completers

A majority of Oregon's cohort non-completers, non-continuers were last enrolled during their fourth year of high school. This brief contains data on the enrollment history of those students.

Contact: Isabella Jacoby

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Freshman On-Track and Junior Year Outcomes

This brief contains data on the impact of freshman on-track measures on a student’s junior year assessment performance and likelihood of dropping out.

Contact: Isabella Jacoby

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Freshman Course-Taking and On-Track Status

This brief contains data on the likelihood that a student is on-track to graduate at the end of their first year of high school, based on the courses they were taking.

Contact: Isabella Jacoby

virtual schools bar graph

Virtual Schools

This brief contains data on the demographics of students attending virtual schools, and a summary of outcome data.

Contact: Isabella Jacoby

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