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Oregon Farm To School Grant

Oregon Farm to School Grant

School Years 2017-2018 & 2018-2019

Welcome to the Oregon Farm to School Grant website. This is a new version of the previous Oregon Farm to School grant, so school districts will need to familiarize themselves with the materials below, as things have changed since the last farm to school grant.
Overview: The Oregon Farm to School and School Garden (made possible from Oregon House Bill 2038) grant enables all Oregon school districts to be reimbursed for purchasing Oregon grown or Oregon processed food items for the upcoming biennium (School years 2017-2018 & 2018-2019).
There are TWO grants, a non-competitive grant available to Oregon schools for reimbursement of Oregon grown or processed food (called the procurement grant), and a competitive portion for garden-based, agriculture-based or food-based educational activities(called the educational grant).

Oregon Farm to School Grant for Oregon Grown or Processed Food (the "procurement" grant)


The time period for opting in for the procurement grant for the current biennium has closed. Here is a list of Oregon school districts that have opted in to the procurement grant

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TIMELINE  - updated 9-8-2017.  

Rulemaking Process:
From the Bill language:  "A school district may not use these grant funds to supplant purchases of Oregon foods that the school district had regularly purchased prior participating in the grant program, with some exceptions which ODE will define in a rulemaking process."
This rulemaking effort is in process.   Here are the materials related to the rules:



The live webinars have already happened.  However, you can still get credit for watching the recorded version posted below.     

Recorded Version of Webinar recorded Thursday, September 28, 2017



The deadline to opt in for the procurement grant was September 15, 2017.

The following items will be posted on 9/18/17.  An email with links to this section will be sent to all sponsors then.

Agreement (updated 9-17-2017)

Attestation that you've attended or watched the mandatory training.

Baseline survey (ONLY for first-time participants)



AWARD LETTER - Will be emailed to each sponsor who opts in.  There is a lot of

information in this letter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document-  including allowable costs  (NEW- Updated 11-13-2017  - will be updated as more questions are received) including allowable costs  (NEW- Updated 11-13-2017  - will be updated as more questions are received)

Allowable and unallowable purchases (updated 11/13/2017)

EGMS instructions and signature form (Electronic Grant Management System)

Excel Claim Reimbursement Worksheet - required to submit costs to claim funds

Check out our PURCHASING tab for help with local purchasing options

Local Vendor List - Excel spreadsheet with locations, ordering info.

GRANT REPORTING RESOURCES These are for your information only, so you can collect information in advance of what will be required on upcoming required reports, they are NOT meant for you to input any information on:

Progress report due September 28, 2018

Final report due September 30, 2019

Local Purchases tracking tool (for help with any of the reports)

Accompanying Tips and Tools for Tracking document for above local purchases tracking tool (read this first)

Oregon Farm to School Grant for Garden-; Agriculture-; and Food-Based Educational Activities (the "education" grant)


The Education Grant has CLOSED.  We are pleased to announce the Awardees to our Education Grant!  


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TIMELINE- Updated 12-8-2017



This is a mandatory training webinar that all grantees will have to attend.  The live version has passed, but you can still view the recorded version. Updated 1-10-18.



Attestation Form - to sign and return that you attended the mandatory webinar.

Grant Agreement

Allowable Expenses & Reimbursement Claim Procedure:  A document that explains the allowable and unallowable expenses and the claim procedure for the education grant.  Updated 1-3-18

FAQ document that answers most questions about the education grant. Updated 1-10-18

Reimbursement Claim Worksheet

EGMS instructions and signature form (Electronic Grant Management System)

Progress Report:  A progress report will be due on September 28, 2018.  We will place a Surveymonkey link here to complete the report during the Summer of 2018.  Here is a copy of the progress report that you can be print out and refer to in order to collect needed data that will be required to complete the survey.  NOTE: the report is downloaded from surveymonkey (as a pdf) and then converted again to MS word format.  Therefore, the formatting is off and looks a bit wonky from time to time.  This won't be the case when the surveymonkey is taken, however it should suffice to be readable.  


Rulemaking Amendment:

The current rules are in the process of being amended in order to allow increased eligibility to certain groups, and to allow more flexibility in certain allowable costs. 

Materials for this amendment process can be found here:

Administrative Rules Amendment Process

Proposed Amendment Docket Memo

Proposed Administrative Rules Amendment


Contact Rick Sherman for more information
Other Funding Opportunities:  
Please check our RESOURCES page for more grants and funding opportunities.
Contact Rick Sherman for more information

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