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Treatment Providers

Treatment Providers must be Approved and Certified

Alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment providers who provide DUII treatment, DUII Information, or Restricted Driving License services must be approved and certified by the Oregon Health Authority. Providers that offer treatment, information, or Restricted Driving License (RDL) services are designated in the Oregon Alcohol & Other Drug Services Directory with DUII Info, DUII Rehab, and RDL.

Restricted Driving License (RDL)

Individuals who have had their driving privileges suspended for DUII convictions may be eligible for a hardship permit. Eligibility for a hardship permit is identified by the Department of Motor Vehicles and must be approved by the court. Individuals residing out of Oregon will not be eligible for a hardship permit.

In addition, if an individual is suspended for a second or subsequent DUII conviction, DMV will require a Mental Health Recommendation prior to granting a hardship permit. A Mental Health recommendation is obtained through Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Addiction and Mental Health (AMH) alcohol and drug providers approved for Restricted Driver Licenses (RDL). Providers approved with RDL designations are listed in the Oregon Alcohol & Other Drug Services Directory. A Mental Health Recommendation is an assessment to determine the likelihood to reoffend. When accepted into the RDL program, the individual will attend classes regarding alcohol and drug abuse for monitoring and support.

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