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Children's Mental Health System

OHA and its partners are improving mental health services to children by involving parents and youth in decisions, delivering more children's mental health services in the community, improving inter-agency cooperation and acknowledging the child's language and cultural heritage. OHA and other child-serving agencies are developing a system of care utilizing a wraparound model.​

Please send any questions, concerns or comments to: Kids.team@state.or.us​

FamiliesHart's Ladder of Youth Participation
FamiliesMaking Healthy Choices - (Guide) Psychotropic Medications for Youth in Foster Care
FamiliesHealthy Kids
FamiliesCover Oregon
FamiliesOregon Family Support Network
FamiliesYouth Suicide Prevention Program
General InformationAMH Children's Staff Contacts
General InformationMental Health Investments
General InformationStatewide Children's Wraparound Initative
General InformationCoordinated Care Organizations Community Advisory Councils
General InformationCoordinated Care Organization Contact Information
Oregon Administrative RulesTemporary Rules for Outpatient and Intensive Treatment Services (ITS)
Outcomes/Evaluation2009 Children's Mental Health Fact Sheet
Outcomes/EvaluationIntegrated Service Array Progress Review Data Analysis Report
Outcomes/EvaluationOutcomes and Impact of Level of Service Intensity Appraisals
Outcomes/EvaluationYoung Adults in Transition (YAT) Utilization Update March 2012
Outcomes/EvaluationYouth Services Survey for Families
Parent Child Interaction TherapyIntake Assessment and Treatment Planning Presentation
Parent Child Interaction TherapyPCIT for Traumatized Children Presentation
Parent Child Interaction TherapyWhat is PCIT or How Flexible is Fidelity presentation
Parent Child Interaction TherapyHow to Succeed in DPICS coding without really trying presentation
Parent Child Interaction TherapyWorking with Children with ADHD and their Families presentation
PresentationsChildren's Mental Health System in Oregon
PresentationsStatewide Children's Wraparound Initiative
Progress Review SystemCCO-CMHP Provider Crosswalk
Progress Review SystemBERS 2 - Understanding and Sharing BERS-2 Information and Scoring with Parents, Caregivers, and Youth
Progress Review SystemBERS 2 - Parents, Caregivers, and Youth Information on BERS-2 Parent Rating Scale
Progress Review SystemUser's Manual - Children's Progress Review System
Progress Review SystemChildren's Progress Review System Training
ReportsChildren's MH System Dashboard 1st quarter 2011 - 1st quarter 2012
ReportsChildren's MH System Dashboard 3rd quarter 2010 - 3rd quarter 2011
ReportsChildren's MH System Dashboard 3rd quarter 2009 - 3rd quarter 2010
ReportsChildren's MH System Dashboard 2nd quarter 2009 - 2nd quarter 2010
ReportsCSAC Survey Tool Results Report - Mental Health Services for Youth in Juvenile Justice - April 2012
ReportsChildren's MH System Dashboard 4th quarter 2010 - 4th quarter 2011
ReportsChildren's Mental Health Ensuring Access and Sustaining Services - Secretary of State Audit
ReportsSCWI Summary of Fidelity Monitoring Results May 2012
ReportsSCWI Progress Review Summary July 2012
ReportsStatewide Children's Wraparound Initiative Progress Review Summary Jan. 2012
ReportsCSCI Overview
ReportsChild Welfare Mental Health Service Utilization Trend Report (September 2011)
ReportsChildren's CPMS Data Ending May 2013
ReportsChildren's CPMS Data Ending April 2013
ReportsChildren's CPMS Data Ending March 2013
ReportsChildren's CPMS Data Ending January 2013
ResourcesBehavioral Health Promotion Paper
ResourcesAMH White Paper on Trauma
ResourcesChildren's Mental Health - What Every Policymaker Should Know
ResourcesSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SCIP/SAIP ScreeningAdmission Criteria
System Advisory Committee PoliciesPolicy One - Level of Service Intensity Determination
System Advisory Committee PoliciesPolicy Two System Structure and Functions
System Advisory Committee PoliciesPolicy Three Meaningful Family, Child, and Young Adult Involvement
System Advisory Committee PoliciesPolicy Five Outcomes and Performance Measures
Young Adults in TransitionTransition Age Youth in Oregon Considerations for a Statewide Model of Care
Young Adults in TransitionOregon's Young Adults in Transitions Progress Report May 2009