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OHP public notices and meetings

OHP public notices and meetings

Learn about proposed and upcoming changes to OHP programs, operations or policy.

View our calendar

This calendar lists meetings related to the Oregon Health Plan, and other Oregon Health Authority meetings. Click on the meeting name to view time, location, call-in number, and agenda (if available). You will need a current internet browser to use this feature.

To view other public meetings, please view the statewide public meetings calendar

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Contractor Workgroups

Use the arrows at the bottom of the table to view recent material, or click the "Workgroup" or "Meeting Date" heading to view material by Workgroup or Meeting Date. To view all dates and material for each workgroup, visit the OHP contractor workgroup pages.

Quality and Health Outcomes CommitteeQHOC Draft Agenda - September 2016New9/12/2016
CCO System TechnicalAll Plan System Technical August 2016 Agenda8/17/2016
CCO System TechnicalAugust 2016 MMIS Issue Tracker8/17/2016
CCO System TechnicalAll Plan System Technical July 2016 Notes8/17/2016
Contracts and ComplianceContracts and Compliance Agenda July 20167/21/2016
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Other meeting groups

Behavioral Rehabilitative Services Program Review

FQHC, RHC, Indian Health Services and Tribal 638 Coordination

OHP Enrollment and Renewals Update (formerly MAGI Medicaid Stakeholders)

Oregon Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

SUD Waiver Advisory Committee

Rule Advisory Committees

Use the arrows at the bottom of the table to view recent Rule Advisory Committee (RAC) material, or click the "Meeting Name" or "Meeting Date" heading to view material by Meeting Name (Rules Program) or Meeting Date. 

Meeting Name
Behavioral Health Services, General Rules, Hospital ServicesTentative RAC Notification - Psychiatric Emergency Services, 8-29-20168/29/2016
Behavioral Health Services, General Rules, Hospital ServicesRAC Notification - Psychiatric Emergency Services, 8-25-20168/25/2016
Oregon Health Plan (MCO and CCO)RAC Meeting Agenda - OHP (MCO and CCO) Program, 08-02-20168/2/2016
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Notices of Proposed Rulemaking

Use the arrows at the bottom of the table to view recent notices, or click the "Effective Date" and "Program Name" headings to view notices by Rules Program or Effective Date. ("Effective Date" is the date of the rulemaking hearing.) Or, visit our Notices of Proposed Rulemaking page.

File Description
Program Name
410-172-0660, 410-172-0670, 410-172-0700, 410-172-0710 and repeal 410-172-0740, 410-172-0750, 410-172-0660(T), 410-172-0670(T), 410-172-0700(T), and 410-172-0710(T)
Medicaid Payment for Behavioral Health
Rulemaking Hearing: September 15, 2016, at 10:30 a.m. in Room 160
Last Opportunity for Public Comment: September 19, 2016, by 5 p.m.
Send Comments to: hsd.rules@state.or.us.

9/15/2016Behavioral Health
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View recent public notices

Request for comments - State Plan Amendment for DHS Long-Term Care Changes - Comments due March 31, 20163/18/2016
Notice of intent to submit Section 1115 Waiver renewal application - Accepting comments February 5 through March 7, 20162/1/2016
2015-17 Competitive Application Process - Funding for Substance Use Disorder Day Treatment with Housing Support Services12/7/2015
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Questions and answers about public notices and meetings

Use the drop-down box below to find your question by category or select a specific question to view. You can also use the search field to search all questions and answers.

Are public meetings ADA-accessible?

Yes. Public meetings must be held in places that are accessible to people with disabilities. If you or someone you know needs accommodation to attend a public meeting, notify the contact person who is named in each meeting announcement. ​

Why do you post public meetings?

OHP Public Meetings are posted in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rule 410-120-1385 (Compliance with Public Meetings Law) in the General Rules program.

Rule Advisory Committee meetings are posted in accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 183.333 (Policy statement; public involvement in development of policy and drafting of rules).

To view the current or proposed rules for these programs, go to the OHP policies page.

What are public notices?

OHA publishes these notices in the Secretary of State's Oregon Bulletin, or major Oregon newspapers, to notify the public about proposed changes to Oregon medical assistance programs or Oregon's Medicaid State Plan that happen outside the administrative rule revision process.​

How do you notify the public of upcoming changes to OHP?
Services covered by OHP benefit plans, prior authorization criteria, and billing requirements are outlined in the division's Oregon Administrative Rules.
Any time we want to change what OHP covers or whom OHP serves, OHA must ask the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to approve the change. Sign up for OHP Public Notices and Meetings to find out when we have sent such a request to CMS.
We send OHP provider announcements to inform affected providers about changes to our fee-for-service payment rates. Sign up for OHP Provider Announcements to get these notifications.
What are public meetings?
According to Oregon law, any meeting related to medical assistance is a public meeting. The division holds the following meetings and posts them on the OHP Public Meetings Calendar:
  • Rule Advisory Committees for Oregon Administrative Rules
  • OHP Contractor Workgroups
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
  • Other policy or stakeholder workgroups, listed on the Public Meetings page
When does OHP publish public notices?

OHP publishes these notices in the Secretary of State's Oregon Bulletin, or major Oregon newspapers, to notify the public about proposed changes to programs or Oregon's Medicaid State Plan that happen outside the administrative rule revision process. ​