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Oregon Health Plan Fast Track Enrollment


Fast-track enrollment for the Oregon Health Plan 

Have you received a fast-track form in the mail?

About 300,000 adult Oregonians have already been screened for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and do not have to apply through Cover Oregon.

If you receive a fast-track form, just fill it out and send it back to enroll in the Oregon Health Plan.

Once you receive a letter, you can fast-track into the Oregon Health Plan at any time. But the sooner you return the fast-track form, the sooner you can get enrolled. 

Send your fast-track back today! 

Fast-track letters


Frequently asked questions about fast-track enrollment:

What is fast-track enrollment?​

It’s an easy way to enroll in the Oregon Health Plan. It is available for adults who have already been screened for other benefits.

Who can use fast-track enrollment?

Fast-track enrollment is available to adult Oregonians who meet qualifications for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and have already qualified for the following:​

  • 1) Food benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or
  • 2) Health care benefits for children through Healthy Kids/OHP.

How are people being notified?

Eligible people will receive a fast-track enrollment packet from the Oregon Health Authority, which oversees the Oregon Health Plan. 

When does coverage start?

If you applied before February 1, 2014, your benefits likely began on January 1. If you applied after February 1, your benefits began the day you submitted a request for OHP coverage. ​

Will fast-track enrollees apply through Cover Oregon?

No, they do not have to apply. They are already eligible based on the other programs.​

How is this different from Cover Oregon?

Cover Oregon is a one-stop shop for health care coverage. Fast-track enrollees do not have to go through Cover Oregon or a paper application process. All they have to do is fill out the "fast-track" enrollment form and return it to the Oregon Health Authority.

What if someone has applied through Cover Oregon already?

For those who qualify, fast-track enrollment is the easiest way for people to get enrolled. If they have already applied for the Oregon Health Plan through Cover Oregon, that’s okay. We will check both documents.

What if someone is eligible but did not receive a letter?

If someone believes they are eligible and has not received a letter, they should call 1-800-699-9075 to reach an OHP customer service representative.

What if someone loses their fast-track letter?

They can call 1-800-699-9075 and enroll over the phone.

What are the income limits for the Oregon Health Plan for 2014?

Eligibility for the Oregon Health Plan is based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). For the 2014 benefits, the income limit is 138% of the FPL. That’s about $1,784 per month - or $21,408 per year - for a family of two.

I have Medicare. Will I be eligible for OHP in 2014? Do I qualify for fast-track?

Only in specific situations. Most people who have Medicare will not qualify for the Oregon Health Plan in 2014. But if you are pregnant, or are living with and taking care of your own or a related child, OHP may be able to coordinate with Medicare to help you.

What if a SNAP recipient or a parent with children in OHP earns too much to qualify for OHP?

If someone who receives SNAP or has children in OHP does not meet the new income limits, they can apply for coverage through Cover Oregon.

Will everyone who receives SNAP or has a child in OHP receive a fast-track enrollment letter?

No. Only people who meet the 2014 income limits will receive a fast-track enrollment letter. You can be eligible for SNAP if you earn up to 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. (That’s about $2,392 month - or $28,704 per year - for a family of two.) You can be eligible for Healthy Kids if you earn up to 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. (That’s about $3,891 per month – or $46,692 per year - for a family of two.)

That's a lot of numbers. What's the bottom line?

Some SNAP and OHP parents earn more than the limits for the Oregon Health Plan. They will not receive a letter and cannot do fast-track enrollment. But they should apply through Cover Oregon to find out what financial assistance they may qualify for to help them buy coverage on the commercial market. They can request a paper application at their local DHS Branch Office or by calling 1-855-CoverOR. Paper applications are available in multiple languages. There is also an online application form on CoverOregon.com that can be printed out. The form needs to be mailed or faxed to Cover Oregon. The fax number and mailing address are on the form.

What if I have more questions about fast-track enrollment or the Oregon Health Plan?

You can find more information about upcoming changes to the Oregon Health Plan on the OHP 2014 page​. You can also call us at 1-800-699-9075.

Why is Oregon able to offer fast-track enrollment?

Oregon received a waiver from the federal government that allows us to enroll adults into the Oregon Health Plan who have already qualified for SNAP or health care for their children.