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Groundwater Protection and Well Stewardship

Oregon's Domestic Well Safety Program

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Approximately 23% of Oregonians rely on domestic wells, or private wells, as their primary source of potable water.

This makes groundwater protection and well stewardship of high public health importance. To protect both the lifelong health of Oregonians and the state's groundwater resources, the Oregon Domestic Well Safety Program (DWSP) focuses on improving local and state capacity to assess and manage risks associated with private wells.

DWSP partners with local health departments and water information providers to further promote domestic well safety.

Events and Resources

Upcoming Events

  • DWSP will be attending the Oregon Small Farms Conference in Corvallis, Oregon on Feburary, 24th. Come meet the DWSP team, ask us questions about your well and, take home helpful resources for maintainng a health well.


Ongoing Events

  • LANE COUNTY:PDF iconMarist and PDF iconThurston High Schools are offering FREE well water testing. See each school's flyer for specific dates and details. For other testing resources, visit our Other Resources section.

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Learn More

Basic Information about Private Wells
Find general information about domestic wells.

Human Health & Well Water
Find information on domestic well contaminants and their effects on human health.

Well Testing & Regulations
Find information on rules, laws, and testing tips for domestic wells.

Well testing for real estate transactions

Well Treatment & Maintenance
Find information on how to treat and maintain a domestic well. 

Well Construction & Operation
Find resources on how to properly construct and operate a domestic well.

Other Resources
Find a list of our partners along with other resources by topic area.

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